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I'm cute I know the smile

Expert — dentist, aesthetics Gleb Baked — that can tell about the nature of the form of the teeth

The child begins to smile already on 19 week of development in the womb — when his weight is only 300 grams, and the eyes are not open yet. Some experts believe that kids smile only when there's a chance that they will smile back. Unlike children, we adults smile less, modest, lazy.

Smile is a universal sign of happiness, subconscious response to our good mood. You see, when we smile, we become happier, getting positive energy from the man, smiling in response. Even knowing this, Russian people will not smile "just because." That is why foreigners continue to believe us sullen and unfriendly nation.

You'd be surprised, but the shape of the smile and teeth can tell a lot about a person's character. Recent scientific studies have proven that each type of temperament is peculiar, special smile, the shape and position of teeth in the oral cavity. We know that there are 4 types of temperament: phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine, melancholic. And each of them has its own smile.

Melancholic you will easily recognize by the oval shape of the teeth. Smooth bumps and mild lateral incisors characteristic of this type of temperament. People of this temperament are distinguished by emotional instability. They are vulnerable and often stubborn. The defining feature of people melancholic temperament is perfectionism. This is the most mysterious and "closed" type of temperament.

Choleric peculiar to the rectangular shape of the dentition. This type of personalities inherent in teeth with more acute or right angles. The person of choleric temperament can be described as quick and choppy. People of this temperament is unable to withstand the considerable mental burden. But be careful — choleric characterized by high volatility and increased irritability.

Have a sanguine large slope from front teeth to the canines. The second and third teeth are angled inwards. The position of the teeth can be called triangular. If you see a person with a smile, know that it is cheerful, sociable man with a stable and flexible mentality. Sanguine differ a great sense of humor and "quickness" of thought.

Have phlegmatic front 4 teeth are on the same level. The Central incisors are almost invisible. Phlegmatic is easy to distinguish from the crowd in the mood. They are balanced, calm, hard to ruffle. Phlegmatic faithfully and diligently perform their work. So if you are in search of a reliable companion, pay attention to this type of personality.

Modern dentistry is able to change the temperament by changing the shape of teeth. For example, using a plate — veneers or Lumineers, adjusting the appearance of your smile. Forms of teeth and orthopedics, we can change the smile, the shape, the angles of orientation of the teeth. So melancholic, you can make a phlegmatic or choleric. Of course, not dramatically, but the smile you will become much more often!

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