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From Russia with love: what they teach foreigners our beauticians

The head coach on a filament lifting Resorblift not only here, but around the world is our compatriot

We used to think that all foreign, overseas, is a priori the best. Including something that relates to medicine, cosmetology. However, in some areas we are far ahead of the foreign professionals. A vivid example — lifting of the polylactic acid. Once this procedure came to us from France, but now the same French doctors already learn from our beauticians. And the coach Resorblift not only here in Russia but all over the world is our compatriot, doctor of aesthetic medicine, Director of the Moscow Institute of beauty Belle Allure Elena Radion.

Elena Radion, chief doctor of the Institute of beauty and Belle Allure. Doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist. He graduated from the First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov. Aesthetic medicine deals since 1999. In 2007 he founded the Institute of beauty Belle Allure in Moscow. At one of the congresses in Paris heard about threads Resorblift polylactic acid realized that this innovation is a real breakthrough in cosmetology, and got the idea to bring the threads into Russia. Signed the contract, convinced that our Russian market this drug is absolutely necessary. In 2011 thread Resorblift was officially registered on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Currently is the head coach of professionals on a filament lifting Resorblift not only in Russia and the CIS, but also around the world.

Из России с любовью: чему учатся иностранцы у наших косметологов

Elena Radion, chief physician Institute of beauty Belle AllureФото: materials of press-services

A global community of cosmetologists has the ability to constantly communicate, share experiences, learn from each other. With this goal held worldwide congresses. In recent years, the Russian experts actively participate in these forums. Not only as students but also as speakers, whose opinion is heeded and which then are recorded on the master classes.

One of the largest European events of international level in the field of aesthetic and surgical medicine — AMEC (Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress), which presented unique achievements of modern cosmetology, trends and news. One fact that the clinic is invited to the forum speaks for itself.

In October of this year once AMEC was held in Paris. There was presented an interactive program on "Global trends in aesthetic medicine for ethnic and cultural differences".

Among the participants were representatives of Russia, doctor of aesthetic medicine, Director of the Institute of beauty Belle Allure. Elena Radion presented the achievements of thread lifting.

Из России с любовью: чему учатся иностранцы у наших косметологов

At the Congress in Taipei report by Elena Radion was a great, esperonto: materials of press-services

"AMEC is indeed a very significant event, — says Elena. — Experts from around the world can learn what's new in the field of anti-age medicine. The event was attended by cosmetologists, plastic surgeons and endocrinologists and gerontologists — after all, everyone knows that injections in the face for that comprehensively rejuvenate, clearly insufficient".

Another prestigious international forum — IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science). He was born in 1994 in Paris, and has since been held four times a year in different cities around the world. In recent years, the number of participants more than 5 thousand from almost 100 countries. Depending on in which country the forum is held, is determined and its program. Because each region has unique characteristics, so the theme of the program always has its own flavor.

At the end of last year, IMCAS visited for the first time in India, resort in Goa. Participants can attend the scientific session and educational seminars, and a variety of workshops and live demonstrations. Russia at this forum was presented by Elena Radion.

"It was an amazing event. From Russian there was only I with a translator. Little was presented to experts from Europe. But mainly — the local beauticians. Today, India is a country developing at a rapid pace. Local experts quickly adopt world experience. Judging by the interest with which they listened to my report, thread lifting in India has great prospects".

In January Elena Radion went on IMCAS, which took place in Paris, where she was in the company of a large number of speakers from Russia. And later went to the island of Taiwan, in Taipei, where the Russian experts too, yet did not get. There is a report from Russia were met with great interest.

Из России с любовью: чему учатся иностранцы у наших косметологов

On the island of Taiwan Russian beauticians did not get. Elena Radion was the first who received this, cestitamo: materials of press-services
"At the moment we are in correspondence with local cosmetologists, — says Elena. — As long as they are not going to come to Russia for exchange of experience, but actively recognize I have the details of the procedure, the peculiarities of the methods that I have used in a particular case."

French surprise

The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that the filaments of the polylactic acid, which have become popular in the world thanks to Elena Radion, were born in France. They were developed about ten years ago, Dr. Paul Turon and French medical lab CHOC Medical. After a non-absorbable threads (gold, platinum, and so on) thread Resorblift become a truly revolutionary discovery. After all, are acid contributes to the destruction of old collagen and formation of new collagen fibers that provides support for tissues and a kind of additional frame. In addition, it is biorevitalization, stimulates the synthesis of new cells, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.

So lifting Resorblift is the most natural and physiological alternative to traditional surgery, especially in the initial stages of aging.

Modern filament of polylactic acid is able to pull up any desired area: the cheeks, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, chin, eyebrows, forehead.
By the way, non-absorbable threads are bad "worked" in the area of the forehead where delicate skin, the contours of the threads could be seen. And with the help of Resorblift easy to tighten and lift the forehead and eyebrows, make the eyes look more open. These threads can even be used on the hands, which is also thin and delicate skin. Thread Resorblift used in other areas of the body, helping to tighten the surface of the neck, décolleté, chest and inner surface of the arms, thighs, anterior abdominal wall.

Из России с любовью: чему учатся иностранцы у наших косметологов

It is not surprising that the threads Resorblift became popular with women. And the most popular procedure they were women from Russia. "Maybe it's due to the fact that in our country, women pay more attention to yourself, appearance, more money to spend on beauty treatments? And often resort to radical methods than the French, — says Elena Radion. In any case, it turned out that the installation procedure of the filaments of the polylactic acid more popular in Russia. Accordingly, and experience we have to date a lot more".

Therefore, the French master cosmetologists to learn some subtleties of the installation threads, I'm coming to learn from Elena Radion, head coach at Resorblift around the world. About once every six months Elena gives in Europe master class. Among the "students" — doctors, beauticians, not only from France but also from Germany, and other countries.

"It is clear that due to my extensive experience I, only glancing at the man, already know how and where to set the threads for a more optimal result, — says Elena Radion. And can even advise you how to apply them in the most unexpected, as it may seem, areas. After all, in the world of beauty, too, has its trends. Now, for example, there was a trend: using plastic surgery to reduce distance from nose to lips. And I have in mind to build a picture of how this can be done using threads.

Or, say, get a nose job. Lately a lot of talk about non-surgical rhinoplasty. So thread Resorblift can perfectly cope with this problem. For example, they can be used to lift the nose. Why is that not everyone pays attention, but the fact is that when a person begins to age, it falls all tissues, including the tip of the nose. And when the patient makes a complete facelift, with drooping tip of the nose it does not look very balanced."

Из России с любовью: чему учатся иностранцы у наших косметологов

As thread Resorblift perfectly combined with other procedures, the skill of the beautician is to pick up each patient required complex. For example, people who are prone to obesity, recommended pre-exposure of hardware to reduce subcutaneous fat, especially in the area of double chin. And such subtleties when working with threads there are many. Clinic Belle Allure, which is headed by Elena Radion, now began to upload videos with their works on a public channel. Just to show what results can be achieved with thread lifting and how to properly combine those with threads or other procedures.
To the question whether he was not afraid Elena Radion so throw your knowledge, she just smiles, all the nuances is impossible to convey. For this you need to work daily with the patients for long years.

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