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How to care for your lips in winter?

Expert tells how to protect the thin skin of the lips in the cold season

With the onset of cold weather constantly cracked lips, the lipstick doesn't lie at all. How to be?

That lipstick looked nice on my lips for them to care to care, especially in winter. Thoroughly, but gently clean of makeup with a cotton pad so as not to injure the thin skin. Do daily gentle exfoliation, gently massage the lips to improve circulation, try a hydrating mask. Equally important is the hydration and protection — this will help prevent the occurrence of cracks and peeling or help if problems have already appeared. In the cold period it is necessary to choose a balm that will protect delicate skin from low temperatures and wind, but even in winter, the tool should contain sun protection factor. For example, a balm with SPF 15 ensures optimal moisture level of the lips and avoids the appearance of cracks. Look for formulas with moisturizers and vitamin E — it prevents chapping, cracking and drying and enhances the protective function of the skin of the lips. For example, colorless balm "Intense protection", which has a neutral flavor, ideal for daily use.

The expert of the brand Nivea.

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