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Strobbing, hilighting, contouring: versed in the techniques of makeup

What make-up suits you?

Entangled in a huge number of techniques in makeup. Strobbing, contouring, hiliting — I don't know what perfect for everyday make-up.

Indeed, there is a huge selection of techniques. So, for example, contouring is the creation of new lines of the face due to the play of light and shadow. Hiliting is a smooth glowing skin, and throbbing moisture glow. The choice is yours, but you have to pay attention to the features of the skin. Oily epidermis active strobing and hiliting not suitable: artificial "glow" emphasize the flaws. Choose matte foundations, on top of which may be the difference between the means. And owners of dry skin hydrating base with sparkling particles will fit perfectly! For everyday makeup is appropriate delicate strobing — we are talking about the effect slightly illuminated, nourished, healthy skin with natural glow. Active contouring is the choice for the evening, as well as a noticeable hiliting.

Anastasia Baranova, makeup artist brand Make Up Store.

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