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As the frost affects the skin

Some experts claim that the cold is almost a panacea from aging. Whether so it actually?

There is probably no more bright and beautiful Association with Russian winter and Russian woman than her burning cheeks in the cold. But the red glow, illuminating a milk-white face is a perfect picture, but in reality we are often faced with the manifestation skin redness, peeling and dryness. On the other hand, the assurances of dermatologists, in limited doses cold air is almost a panacea from aging. Whether so it actually? Understand together.

Have you ever noticed that some ladies retromaniaco very aesthetically pleasing, in others the skin appear asymmetric spot unpleasant bluish or Burgundy color? Unfortunately, the situation here depends on genetic predisposition and the characteristics of vessels. But be afraid of the cold not necessary — it is important to protect your skin, limit your stay in the cold and train the epidermis of a special contrast procedures, and hardening.

Frost for the benefit of

The human body transfers stay in the heat much easier than cold, and that there is a scientific justification. So, our skin is equipped with special receptors that respond to temperature, and is sensitive to frost it is seven times more than responsive to exposure to heat. By the way, the sun and its harmful rays — the main enemy of youth and beauty — according to recent research by dermatologists has given way to the influence of low temperatures. So, twenty minutes under the hot rays less dangerous for the tone and General condition of the epidermis than those same twenty minutes in the far North.

How to "work" skin in cool mode? First of all, it begins to actively produce special molecules cytokines, whose job it is to give a signal to all cells: "the environment has changed. It's time to adapt!" By the way, cytokines act as messengers in any situation when we need a reshuffling of priorities. In the cold they command vessels to narrow (so we accumulate heat for the whole body), and then expand to not allow the epidermis to freeze. These kind of "swing" contraction-extension and is responsible for beautiful, smooth glow. If you have a disruption of blood vessels or chemical exchange, which influence the effectiveness of cytokines, you can wait for the ugly spots and even raging rosacea.

Alas, there is really a bit of cosmetics, is able to train the skin and prepare it for temperature changes. Quickly and clearly existing vessels — ideal, which can be achieved by using daily contrast wash and the impact on the epidermis the most simple and accessible to all means. We are talking about those ice cubes that we actively advise our grandmothers and mothers. But it is worth remembering that these simple manipulation will act only on the superficial blood vessels and do not affect the dermis.

To be able to be "deep", some are undergoing special procedures in beauty salons and clinics — they are usually marked with a speaking prefix "cryo". Stress — that is, short-term and tangible impact of cold on the skin triggers the cellular metabolism, then you can use moisturizing and nourishing means they will work more efficiently. Remember that frosty effect relieves swelling and pain, tones and strengthens, but not able to deliver us from the existing wrinkles and lines. Influence of cold on the skin, we look to the future. To start such procedure, with twenty-five years — at the beginning of our not yet visible to the eye of decay. Such hardening will extend the youth.

Cool reception

Controlled frost is more or less clear, but how we behave in the face of the prolonged (not uncommon for our latitudes) winter? Constant heat races, a long and merciless action of sub-zero temperatures, aggressive environment — our reality, from which, alas, can not hide. So, in addition to home workouts, as mentioned above, should reconsider and "cosmetic" approach to the problem.

First of all eliminate from your beauty diet cleanser in a gel base. As you know, gels are the most ruthless to the skin means, and if they are appropriate in summer, in winter about them to forget. Alternative favorite product is: pick a foam, mousse, milk or hydrophilic oil, which will perfectly cope with the task (make-up removal and cleansing), but will not overdry skin. Avoid washing with hot water, otherwise, the risks increase. Natural lipid mantle under high temperatures and powerful "I can make" is being destroyed, but cold from the sebaceous glands, which regenerate is slowed down. Struggling to save the situation, the glands begin to work hard. The result will be thinning, fragile skin with microcrack, rosacea and active flaking. On top of the warm season failures in the function of sebaceous glands can be felt oily Shine, clogged pores and loose lesions.

Again we repeat the words about the need to apply tonics, which with the onset of cold weather, many of us forget. Don't be afraid to use them — this is not just a fad, but a necessity! Alcohol-free (this is mandatory) the tonic, preparing the face for further manipulation, improve the performance of all subsequently applied products.

Myths about frostbite that happen with the girls who dared to go with the freshly applied cream on the street, alas, is not far from reality. It is in any case does not mean you have to abandon the nourishing, moisturizing or barrier fluids, on the contrary, their use will provide the skin the necessary protection. Important here is the following: refrain from creams, which consists of phytosqualene or any other ingredient, "locking" the moisture within the epidermis. The fact that under the influence of frost forcibly retained moisture turns to ice crystals — and is a recipe for frostbite. Moisturize the skin correctly chosen product for at least forty minutes before going outside. If you are not ready to understand the compositions, rely on tools marked "winter": usually the manufacturer takes into account all peculiarities of the skin and behavior of cosmetic products in the frost. Well, if your chosen tool will contain anti-inflammatory elements.

Use sunscreen even in winter has long been included in a list of tips that are handed out to us cosmetologists. But recent studies show that they are relevant only in some areas, for example mountain. Of course, if you go skiing or snowboarding, you need to inspect your purse. But residents of the metropolis is not necessarily manic wiped the fluid with SPF-factor in the midst of winter.

We should not uncompromising record cold in the enemies. Frost may be the best tonic will help remove the swelling and to encourage, delay the aging cells and make the skin tone. In all important measure. Go for a winter adventure!

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