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5 tips for improving essay — how to start to like yourself in the photos?

5 советов по улучшению фотогеничности — как начать нравиться себе на фотографиях?

Great hairstyles for girls of model appearance.

Very few women can boast of absolute photogenic. Most of us, seeing private photos, feels a fleeting desire to erase pictures.

Of course, this is partly due to our self-criticism — in the photo we see all of its well-studied faults that will not even notice the stranger. But the main cause of bad shots is the inability to pose for the camera — and fortunately, it's easy to fix.

How to take photos — five tips

— What can you advise to women, often experiencing distress at the sight of your own photos?

— How to look yourself in the mirror and find angles that Your face and figure look better just.

— Learn your bad shots and think — is it possible to correct some imperfections with makeup? All this is easily remedied literate makeup, and look better You will become, not only in photos but also in reality.

— Pay attention to your hair.

— Do not strain when seeing the camera. Even the most attractive woman "will be darkened" in the picture, if you take an awkward posture, his whole appearance expressing discomfort. Just act natural, forget about what You photograph — and the result will surprise You.

— Feel free to smile. Has been proven that a sincere smile just transforms the face.

5 советов по улучшению фотогеничности — как начать нравиться себе на фотографиях?

Look at the photos a professional make-up

The photo quality is not always up to You

Looking at the pictures, do not forget that the image quality is strongly influenced by the lighting. Shadows fall on the face is completely different — someone remains attractive even under the electric light, and someone should be photographed only on a clear Sunny day.

And of course, don't forget to rate the picture quality. Do not rush to worry about their own shortcomings — it is possible that it is a bad color "soap", a bright flash and other nuances that are independent from You personally.

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