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How to remove a double chin

Even the most attractive person this feature is very dangerous, so the highlights need to get rid of

Wattle — the Bane of many modern women. The most common reason for its appearance is overweight. However, very often you can find almost anemic girls with ugly hanging second chin — it happens in cases of genetic predisposition. But it is not a sentence.

Today on the Internet, and on the numerous trainings you can find many tips on how non-invasive way — only with the help of daily exercise — you can remove a double chin. However, the way this first, long and complex, and secondly, does not necessarily lead to the desired results.

The other extreme is to go under the surgeon's knife: the result, say the doctors themselves, guaranteed. However, it is not so simple. To find the "right" expert who specialized exclusively on a double chin, not so simple. Add to this the following factors: the cost of plastic surgeries is quite high, the postoperative course is protracted. And besides, surgery is always a risk. But most important, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will be able to get rid of this scourge. Therefore best to try non-surgical liposuction.

Как убрать двойной подбородок

Elena Radiophoto: materials of press-services

"Can you advise the lipolysis therapy against localized or lipolysis of the person using the drug Aqualix, — says Elena Radion, head of the clinic of Belle Allure. — This method is used in Europe for over 7 years. The introduction of the drug in practice was preceded by rigorous laboratory studies, clinical trials, approval of minutes intralipoterapii in European countries and in America.

To achieve the lipolysis of adipose cells in Aqualise not used acetylcholine and desoxycholate of sodium, which, in turn, is not entirely harmless to the body. No pain, tissue necrosis, edema and hyperemia.

Aqualix biologically compatible with the body, acts immediately after administration and disappears quickly, which is responsible for its security.

To date, analyzed the experience of more than 30 000 interliterary with Aqualisa. Complications in any case. If we hear criticism of the drug, we believe that there was a violation of technology introduction, or Protocol intralipoterapii that confirms the mandatory training of the doctor before using Aqualisa.

Aqualix included in the section "procedure lunch break", it is completely painless and leaves no environmental adverse marks such as bruising and swelling. Use a special needle puncture of the skin which the patient is not felt. Aqualix distributed evenly in the area eliminate body fat, and depending on the amount the procedure takes up to 30 minutes.

Subsequently, the patient may feel a mild temporary mild swelling in the area of application of Aqualisa and passing the paresthesia. All of these sensations are painless and in 20-30 minutes.

I'd like to stress the need for strict observance of the Protocol of drug administration by specially trained doctors. Under this conditions the success of the elimination of local fatty deposits."

Contraindications this procedure a bit. It is a systemic immune disease, in some cases, diabetes.

Radio frequency to help

Excellent results are obtained with radio frequency facial rejuvenation Fractora BODYTITE™. Apparatus for skin rejuvenation by means of special attachments allows in a short time without negative consequences to the body to stimulate the natural production of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, which ultimately leads to the start of the natural process of rejuvenation.

"Modern equipment for skin rejuvenation in an outpatient setting without surgery works on the basis of radio waves, laser and other techniques, which in recent decades has proved its efficiency — continues the story Elena Radion. Attachment uses Fractora bipolar RF energy passing through the plurality of needle electrodes, located on two different disposable tips".

After this procedure, you must follow certain rules.

• It is necessary to cool the affected area immediately after the procedure.

• Moisturize the skin can begin 12 hours after the procedure and continue during the entire course of treatment.

• Small scabs will appear after 1-3 days after the procedure and can persist for several days.

Swelling can stay for 3 days and complete in 5-7 days.

Treatment may include 1-3 treatments with 4-6 week intervals depending on the capacity of the used radio frequency.

Perhaps a combination technique with other non-surgical methods-Dicks with a short interval between the treatments or without them.


Weight loss, which many of us are so eager, can play with your face nasty thing. This not only lowered the cheek, but sagging chin. This problem also usually offer to deal with the plastic. But for those who do not want to resort to such drastic measures, you could also offer non-surgical methods. One of such methods is non-surgical facial modeling unique dermal filler Radiesse™ (Radius).

"Radiesse™ (Radius) is a unique volumizer, wrinkle filler, — says Elena Radion. — The drug is used to fill deep wrinkles, correction of facial contours, correction of the jawline, bioreinforcement and bulk plastics. The drug also stimulates the tissue to produce collagen. The main active ingredient of this drug is a calcium hydroxyapatite. Unlike similar products based on hyaluronic acid, the effect of injections of Radiesse™ (Radius) lasts longer. As a rule, the result is stored for 12-15 months versus 4-9 months, which keeps the result from the fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

Numerous studies and trials of the drug Radies proved its safety, and that the injection does not cause inflammatory reaction in the tissues. At the end of the term of action of the drug it is completely excreted from the body in a natural way.

Safety and effectiveness confirmed by clinical studies. Altogether there were more than 30 studies involving more than 5000 patients. 6 studies with level of evidence And with the participation of 2112 patients. In 2006, Radies approved by the quality control of products and medicines (FDA, USA)".


But the most effective result (except plastics) gives lifting. Today, the market offers a huge number of threads. Each option has its pros and cons. But most professionals tend to believe that by far the most optimal results thread from 100% polylactic acid Resorblift®.

Как убрать двойной подбородок

Photo: materials of press-services

"Properties of polylactic acid is known in cosmetology for more than 25 years, and the method of using it in nitiom lifting developed by Dr Paul Turon and French medical laboratory Medical CHOC, — says Elena Radion. — It was, without exaggeration, a real breakthrough. For the first time scientists have been able to find a safe, less traumatic and effective way to not only eliminate age-related changes, but also their prevention. After all, are acid not hostile to our body, it is inside of us. So lifting with the filaments of the polylactic acid is the most natural and physiological alternative to traditional plastic surgery.

Unlike polypropylene threads primulaceae completely dissolved, excreted between 3 to 12 months. They do not lead to fibrosis, which was proved by histological studies do not cause rejection reactions, can withstand loads up to 6 kg, you can update them as needed, and a positive result lasts for 5 years."

Thread Resorblift have many micronations located in different directions to allow for mechanical lifting and permanently secure the fabric to the desired level. To the extent of absorption of the acid is formed natural collagen frame, which will hold the skin in the same position that was achieved with the initial commit.

Как убрать двойной подбородок

Photo: materials of press-services

Thus, without injuring the patient, without a trace and numerous punctures provided by a pronounced and long-lasting lifting effect. Thus it is possible to pull any desired area: the cheeks, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, eyebrows, forehead. And, of course, chin.

Contraindications of procedure practically no, only the standard limitations for any drugs implanted under the skin, such as the presence of autoimmune diseases, acute inflammatory reactions.

However, in any case, it is necessary to choose the right clinic and doctor that you will trust your face. "The clinic where you are applying, must have medical license for the provision of medical cosmetology, medical doctor diploma with the obligatory specialization in the field of dermatology and cosmetology, — reminds Elena Radion. — A doctor must have a certificate of installation threads Resorblift, a registration certificate and Declaration of conformity to the drug. And, of course, the reputation of the clinic is of great importance. If all these conditions are met, the result you will enjoy for a long time."

Security measures

To prevent the appearance of double chin, you need to follow some rules:

• try to keep your weight at the same level, sharp fluctuations in weight gain and then loss and result in sagging of the chin;

• keep your posture while working on computer try to sit up straight with a slightly raised chin;

• do not sleep on high pillows, it is better to prefer a roll under the neck;

• check your diet: too rich in calories, fatty and spicy foods also leads to the appearance of double chin;

• and of course, don't forget about the special exercises for the face.

It's enough to do just 15 minutes a day to maintain a great result.

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