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Taboo on smile dentists have entrusted the intimate area

Expert — dentist, aesthetics Gleb Baked — on why Russians have such a harsh and brutal kind, which often scares foreigners

When I walk through the streets, down in the subway, I go to the theatre, cinema, restaurants, I like to see people who openly smiling. Unfortunately, in Russia there is a certain "taboo to smile". It probably comes from the Soviet past — it is prohibited to show their teeth. This is partly due to the "syndrome of the Soviet dentist", when people were afraid to go to the doctors and eventually had an unkempt, ugly teeth. Because teeth and open smile is an intimate area of a person. And people were embarrassed to show that they have this "intimate area" that something is not right. They formed a collective habit is to "keep your mouth shut," not to smile "from ear to ear". Those Russians who come for the first time abroad, are surprised that complete strangers smile at them the most sincere and open smile, say "hi!" And it's just part of their mentality. They have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, as dental care and consciousness of the aliens themselves some time ago is still different from ours...

But today the Russian dentistry not inferior to the world, at least in Metropolitan areas. And we are still afraid to smile! Because still not sure that our "intimate area" which is always in sight, in order. Even very wealthy people are not a cult, so that there is worship, there is no habit to regularly care for your teeth, in a smile, planning to visit the doctor-the hygienist, to engage in the prevention of gum diseases and teeth. We have not decided to follow the healthy teeth. We are still "Soviet style" waiting for problems to have already had something to go to the dentist. And when not to go anymore... In the end comes out of a very expensive machine people in a luxurious suit, shakes hands with partner and... even tighter lips, instead of warmly smile. But his smile would look prettier his suit expensive and his car. And people on the streets look harsh and bleak...

This situation gave me the impetus to start to implement a project called "the City of smiling people". My dream is to become a city where people are proud of their smile and are ready to share it with others. Over time, fashion beautiful, open smile will become part of our shared culture — I'm sure of it. Modern Russian dentistry just ten years old. This is the age of the schoolchildren. At about the same level is the identity of our citizens. But I can see how the situation is changing! Growing people's awareness in matters of preventive dentistry, and the growing desire to engage themselves, their health. A curious fact — for four years, the supply of materials for teeth whitening has increased by 400 percent. This is a serious indicator. People began to realize that little to care for the nails, hair, face, all the achievements of the beauty industry negate groomed smile. We are on the threshold of the cult of the beautiful smile — and it can not but rejoice.

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