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Reliable protection: in severe frosts to care for the skin have collected the best beauty tools you can use in the cold season

What we thought of this winter is, as it now appears, was only a long preparation. These frosts that descended on Russia, they say, will come at the end of January — beginning of February. This is a real challenge for our skin, which suffers not only from cold and wind with snow, but the dry air in apartments and offices. How to properly care for this "sissy" and what urgent measures "to rescue" accept that it does not become a "pebbled", understood

Proper hydration

The temperature differences between the street and the house in the cold season sometimes going through the roof. This kind of stress and "without losses to survive until the warm days" quite difficult, however, you can try to minimize that.

To begin, perhaps, follows from the structure of the top layer of skin, the epidermis. After all, it assumes all external shocks and has a protective function. The main feature is that the cells of the epidermis are firmly connected. This is possible thanks to a special ingredient — the intercellular cement. The effect of the bitter cold and wind leads to the disruption of its structure and even composition. The result is weakened communication between cells, and in the "brick wall" the top layer of skin cracks and fissures, disrupt its protective barrier function. This is what happens at the cellular level. And apparently it looks like this: the skin begins to peel off, redness and irritation. She becomes more sensitive and, sadly, grows old faster. So you need to actively moisturize the skin.

Надежная защита: как в суровые морозы ухаживать за кожей лица

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AZELAC moisturizing gel indicated for the treatment of sensitive skin prone to rosacea, redness, rosacea and/or acne. One of the main active components of the drug is azelaic acid, which improves blood circulation and formation of a healthy stratum corneum, as well as multilayer pigments based on natural mica that helps to conceal redness. In addition, the gel includes lipocarotene hyaluronic acid and panthenol. They have anti-inflammatory effect, and instantly restore skin comfort.

Incidentally, AZELAC moisturizing gel was developed using Nanotech technology to encapsulate the active ingredients of the drug in liposomes and delivering them to those skin areas that are particularly in need of protection and care. This technology provides a previously impossible depth of their penetration and greatly improves the efficiency of the product.


In the winter, even in women with normal skin type there is the problem of dehydration, not to mention those who have it dry by nature. After all, we spend a lot of time in rooms with Central heating, which reduces humidity, making it dry, almost like in the Sahara desert, our skin is dehydrated. It is therefore necessary to take additional measures.

Надежная защита: как в суровые морозы ухаживать за кожей лица

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SOS cream for the face and lips from pHformula created just for such cases. It forms a sort of "shield" on the surface of the skin, protecting it from negative environmental factors. He also provides intense hydration and has a reparative action, promoting healing of the skin. And certainly, this cream is indispensable if you travel to a ski resort. Because it consists of Glycofilm, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid a powerful natural moisturizing components in modern cosmetology. In General, all of the brand pHformula — the result of an innovative Alliance of cosmeceuticals and medicine. Why they are so effective and work wonders.

Recipes of antiquity

Sometimes to help our skin come recipes, proven over centuries. For example, in Russia the most effective treatment for frostbite and burns were considered badger fat, because when applied to the skin it creates a powerful protective layer.

Надежная защита: как в суровые морозы ухаживать за кожей лица

Photo: materials of press-services

That is badger fat is included Multivitamins Balance-Cream AEVIT for the person from Compliment. Also among the ingredients — resin of the Siberian cedar, which the inhabitants of Siberia and the Urals were called "turpentine" — the ability to heal wounds and protect from the harmful effects of the environment. There is evidence that in 1638 the Tobolsk Voevoda "state diploma" was given the job at the same time with St. John's wort to collect pine resin for use "from wounds and slaughter". And more recently, resin has been used in cosmetics. If you consider that the frosts are now even in the Central regions of Russia, almost Siberian, you should pay attention to funds from the Compliment. In addition to the face cream in the brand line you can find a serum for the hands, cream for the feet. They were developed as enhanced protection of the skin in the cold season and contain optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, vegetable and animal fat components which provide a reliable barrier against aggressive environmental factors.

Proper cleansing

And, of course, in the winter you need to pay special attention to cleansing of the skin. Try not to be in such cold weather to abandon the scrubs, not to istiniti the epidermis and do not reduce the protective properties of the skin. Use more gentle products.

Надежная защита: как в суровые морозы ухаживать за кожей лица

Photo: materials of press-services

Peeling gommage gel texture SHINY CRYSTAL PEELING GEL from Korean brand The Skin House does not contain large abrasive particles, so cleanses the epidermis gently and delicately. Aloe in the composition softens and moisturizes the dermis. Honeysuckle tones and strengthens blood vessels, preventing the appearance of rosacea. Tomato lightens unwanted pigmentation. Lotus soothes and saturates with moisture. Rosemary has an antibacterial effect and reduces the number of bacteria. Regulates sebum secretion. The gel forms a film removing dead skin cells and cleansing the pores. Exerts a chemical action on the dermis and gently exfoliate dead skin cells, as opposed to more traumatic mechanical cleansing scrub. Contains active components that help calm inflammation and soothe became so sensitive to severe frosts the skin.

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