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Julia Roberts: "I have a weakness for Chelsea buns"

Exclusive — 11 questions about the beauty of the Hollywood star

When you look at her face, it becomes absolutely no matter how long her legs are or how slim your waist — so it's perfect. There is hardly a man indifferent smile Julia Roberts.

— What is usually in your purse?

Julia: "black Ink. I don't like aggressive, very bright makeup and in ordinary life, often confined to one mascara. But at home on my dressing table are the eye cream and face cream line of moisturizing lotion to remove makeup. And, of course, sunscreen. Extra ultraviolet light our skin to anything".

— You she is just gorgeous! Uncover the mystery: are you drinking living water or eat rejuvenating apples at night, so as perfectly to look like?

Julia: "Oh no! Taken care of my parents, good heredity, good capital, don't you?"

In this case, let's talk about your "capital". How would you describe yourself?

Julie: "ever changing!"

— Judging by the fact that you are constantly called among the most beautiful women in the world, there are things unchanged. What is your strong side, do you think?

Julia: "I have no Idea, honestly! It is, rather, necessary to ask not me, but my friends."

— What would be the biggest weakness of Julia Roberts?

Julia: "I'm a person just like you. Of course, I have shortcomings. But we all know about them not necessarily. It's a terrible secret, but I am going to give her away. It rolls with raisins! I love them!"

— What do you hate?

Julie: "to Limit yourself in something. To me it's just it takes".

— Without which you would not be able to live?

Julie: "Without my family".

— What inspires you?

Julia: "Love."

— What makes you happy?

Julie: "You say that I'm not original, but I'll say it again — love".

— What you do with your free time when not filming?

Julia: "are You kidding? Yes it is not there! I have a family, children, house, huge garden where we grow vegetables and fruit. They are taking all my so-called spare time, and I just love it, I tell you. By the way, if you cannot persuade your child to eat Brussels sprouts, just get him to grow it. You see, it burst like a lamb! For example, I do".

— Are you a Jack of all trades. What talent have no Julia Roberts?

Julie: "Perhaps the ability to draw".

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