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Eternal values: star beauty lessons

Scarlett Johansson, Taylor swift, Kim Kardashian and other setter beauty fashion share their secrets

Spit to the waist or the master? Blue shadows or arrows to the eyebrows? Red lipstick or red nail Polish? Every year or season, the concept of beauty is changing. But there are eternal values that are close to many women. learned that will be fashionable always.

Red lips

Red lipstick is a classic, beloved by many. And the brightest follower of this trend can be called Scarlett Johansson: scarlet long been a hallmark of the actress. According to the movie stars, the most important thing when applying red lipstick is to carefully draw the contour lip pencil. Scarlett also advises to experiment and try to find your color, mix different shades. And recalls that in order for the lipstick lay lay nice and sharp, it is necessary to moisturize the lips.

Smoky eyes

Smoky eye makeup for a few years is very popular all over the world. And very love keira Knightley and her make-up artist Kate Lee. And Kate has made no secret of how to create an image as her star client, and willingly gives advice. "In creating the smoky eyes I never use eyeliner or pencil for eyes — shadows, says Lee. First I moisten and apply along the base of the eyelashes. And then shade on top of the century". "And the slate grey color I always add a calm cool brown — says another secret visagiste. — Just grey is boring and depressing, and mixing the tones I achieve haze effect, corruption. This color looks a lot richer."

Вечные ценности: звездные уроки красоты

Taylor Swiftfoot:

Black arrows

Taylor swift hallmark of his image made of black arrows, made with liquid eyeliner. And the singer has a secret how to create the perfect cat eye. "I think the most difficult to make a sequel of the arrow beyond the outer corner of the eye: and they need to be of equal length and symmetrically wrapped up, says the star. And my trick is that I'm the arrow on the finger, applied to the lower eyelid. And finally you get a flawless arrow."

Wavy hair

The most popular hairstyles are considered to be the caret, French braid, styling a "cocoon" or "beehive", a La Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and pixie haircut, which in different years was practiced by Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman and other stars. But with a huge separation are in the lead long flowing slightly wavy hair, which through the efforts of Kate Middleton were raised to the status of a cult among the fashionistas of the world.

Вечные ценности: звездные уроки красоты

Rihanna Photo:

French manicure

Who of the celebrities is considered the legislator nail fashion? Of Course, Rihanna. And what the manicure is the most popular? Of course, French. And Rihanna knows it. However, the extravagant singer classic calm tones seem boring and uninteresting, so the artist is experimenting with orange, purple, yellow and other colors. And Riri likes to do French manicure on the contrary: the tip of the bright colors, and the nail leaves a natural. However, hands only Rihanna is not limited to: sometimes a star goes out with a French pedicure. But the mods still have not decided how to treat this such nursing requires long nails and long toe nails are considered a sign of bad taste.

Contoured eyebrow

"We need to pull out, thin out. — What? Well, at least spring! The spring? Sweetie, that hurt me! Well, you are the woman, be patient!" The dialogue of the heroines of Alice Freundlich and Leah Akhedzhakova from the movie "Office romance" is familiar to every connoisseur of her beauty. At different times was different fashionable eyebrow: thin "strings" to the contrary is very shaggy, which was recommended specifically mess. However, the classic remain eyebrows natural thickness, but clearly contoured. Such as Kim Kardashian.

Вечные ценности: звездные уроки красоты

Kim Kardashian Photo:


53% of women trying out a new look when they get bored of their current makeup. 32% are experimenting with make-up, starting to feel old or unfashionable. While 15% decided on a radical change after the break in relations with your loved one.

On average, women change hairstyle every three to four years. Haircut that ladies try the most is Kare: 56% of the fairer sex at least once in my life did a similar hairstyle.

29% of women draw inspiration to create makeup in women's magazines, 17% of study dedicated to beauty blogs, and 22% of the villages in the cosmetic stores that you choose other buyers.

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