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The rules of etiquette gathered for you the best beauty tools that will help disguise skin imperfections

Let's face it: few of us can boast perfect skin. Even regular and proper care, there is always the chance that they will jump up a zit, dark circles under the eyes, shiny nose.

The ladies were lucky: unlike men, they can resort to decorative cosmetics concealer to hide imperfections like rosacea, acne, post-acne. Every woman from time to time finds herself on the face a variety of flaws, and they are especially upset if this day is a romantic date, a responsible business meeting or a formal event where you want to look their best. Fortunately, there are quick and simple solution to this problem. And although we can not really improve the skin condition, but we can improve its appearance. All you need is a suitable concealer, perfectly matched to your type and skin color. made the top 5 of the best tonal resources.

Mascara Bourjois Mattifying Foundation from Babor

Правила хорошего тона

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As the name implies, this cream is recommended primarily for matting skin. That is, it easily removes Shine, giving you that "powdery" finish to the skin. Although the texture Mattifying Foundation is very lightweight, matte finish is maintained for the whole day. Not surprisingly, this tool is very popular among TV presenters and stars of show business: even under the lights makeup "not floats" and remains quite persistent. Another huge plus Mattifying Foundation — in parallel with the camouflage your skin tone it has a powerful lifting effect, hyaluronic acid in its composition intensely moisturizes Mature skin.

Correction cream-gel for oily skin prone to acne Effaclar Duo+toning from LA ROCHE-POSAY

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Modern BB cream not only evens the complexion, disguise imperfections and give the face a radiant appearance, they are also called to care for the skin and change it for the better. The main thing — do not get confused by the variety offered and find yourself the best form of corrective means. For those with oily skin can safely recommend this cream. Because it allows you to correct and prevent the appearance of acne marks are still at the stage of their formation.

The unique formula of the product is a new multifunctional active component PROCERAD™ with the ability effects on melanogenesis. Visible results are achieved within a day after beginning the use of this wonder drug.

Mascara Bourjois MATT Professional from EVELINE Cosmetics

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Cream is traditionally used as the base element as during the daytime makeup and evening. But remember: if it's clumsily applied, may be a "mask effect". Therefore, many experts agree that the cream must be able to apply, otherwise it will do more harm than good.

Not to get into an awkward situation, you can suggest the Foundation of a new generation that do not create the proverbial "mask effect". Such is mascara Bourjois MATT Professional from EVELINE Cosmetics. Due to the light consistency it perfectly adapts to skin tone, hide flaws, but giving the impression of naturalness. The cream contains an innovative formula ANTI-SHINE COMPLEXTM regulating sebum production. A complex of vitamins C + E in its composition protects the skin from free radical damage, prevents moisture loss, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Corrective BB cream BB CLEAR Normaderm from Vichy

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A worthy alternative to the traditional tonal means of so-called BB creams (Blemish Balm Cream). They combine many different functions and help to reduce the amount applied to the skin cosmetic products. Depending on the composition of the BB creams provide the skin:

— makeup base and natural cover;

— hydration;


— skin surface smoothing and tone;

— disguise small defects;

— protection from UV;

— reduction of inflammatory elements;

— anti-age-effect.

With regular use of these creams wyswietlacze age spots, wrinkles, improves complexion and skin quality. Due to the impressive variety of cosmetic and aesthetic properties of BB creams is often called the "photoshop" in the tube. Well, corrective BB cream BB CLEAR Normaderm from Vichy, in addition to all of its indisputable advantages, contains 2% of salicylic acid, which is very good for the care of problematic skin.

Moisturizing BB cream 5 in 1 "Perfect skin" natural beige" from NIVEA

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There was the first BB cream and NIVEA. It literally transforms the skin, masking imperfections and giving radiance. The secret of the "photoshop effect" — a unique blend of mineral color micropigment. Thanks to its unique polychromatic technology micropigment adapt to the natural color of the skin. And for hydration during the day will take an innovative patented technology laboratories NIVEA Hydra IQ. It stimulates the production of aquaporins, the natural conductors of the moisture in the cells and thereby enhances the natural ability of the skin to maintain the necessary level of moisture.

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