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When frost stings the nostrils

Winter beauticians suggest to pay more attention to the skin

We are all twenty times I heard that tanning is no longer in fashion, and the skin must always be protected from UV rays, otherwise there is a risk of cancer. In January in most parts of Russia sunbathing difficult. If there are at least a couple of days have been Sunny is a joy, but it turns out that it is premature. Winter hurts our face just as much if not more than summer.

Cold, wind, snow, heating — all of this terrible stress for the skin, which thins and dries it. So in the winter we must redouble our efforts to care for themselves to look young and fresh.

Due to the change of climate we are changing skin type: oily becomes normal, but suffers from a lack of vitamins and nutrition. Normal — dry, the winter actually starts to peel and even crack, and the problem can become inflamed. As we wince in a strong wind, Hello wrinkles. In accordance with these changes and choose the means to care. But most importantly for winter the rule for all types is hydration and nutrition.


Hydration is not only special creams for the face. In winter because of Central heating in rooms very dry air, which is detrimental effect on the entire body. Its moisturizing depends on your imagination and finances.

There are, of course, devices for humidifying the air. They are very functional, but maloestetichny. Another thing — a small indoor fountain or decorative pond. It may just be a beautiful vase with water. Successfully humidification cope and the usual aquarium: useful, beautiful, peaceful.

But sometimes that "no fat" or colleagues are allergic to fish. You will save any containers with water and a wet cloth on the radiator.

And, of course, do not forget about drinking regime — moisturize itself from the inside out: water, juices, herbal infusions recommended in this period. But tea and coffee should be excluded from the diet as they are dried, the body.


Even if you are accustomed to bathe with lye soap several times a day, in the winter you don't clean the skin, but only adjust its acid-alkaline balance. All cleanser must be very gentle, most natural.

Use shower gels, which include a moisturizer. And that makeup can not wash away, and to remove with cleansing milk.

To clean the skin of our grandmother once used natural cotton. The current composition of the cotton pads what is not included, because makeup artists recommend that instead of cotton pads to buy... silkworm cocoons. They perfectly cleanse the skin and open the pores, allowing you to effectively move to the next stage of care.

Food and protection

In the winter you need to use day and night creams, and masks to put often — 2-3 times a week. Before you go out, make sure that your vehicle has a protective function for the skin. But you can't apply the cream immediately before going because it may lead to overcooling of the skin.

Don't forget about protection to the lips. Chapstick, gloss, balm — all it is advisable to have several copies for myself, children and husband. Yes, all these rules apply to men, because it is much nicer to communicate with a person with a sleek and smooth lips than chapped.

Winter nourishing mask is able to solve many problems. It is based on have to be oil, any, though sunflower, it creates a protective film on the skin and protects from snow and wind. And then added to the oil ingredients "to taste".

Banana is rich in vitamin A, it nourishes the skin. Gelatin improves blood circulation and evens. The lemon gives a vitamin C that gives the skin elasticity. The carrot gives a beautiful, fresh complexion. Chamomile calms and relieves irritation.

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