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Take teeth under total control

Expert — dentist, aesthetics Gleb Baked — on what do you need for a perfect Hollywood smile

In the world invented so many techniques and means to care for teeth and oral cavity, it is difficult to understand that this is a necessity, without which it is possible to do. Because, as you know, the best is the enemy of the good. And if the day and night to brush your teeth whitening toothpaste, use dental floss kilometers and liters elixirs freshen the mouth, it is possible to hold onto your teeth. But what you really need to ensure that the teeth and mouth were fine, and their "boss" had a dazzling smile, we learned from a well-known dentist, estetista Gleb Baked.

1. First you need to accustom yourself to the idea that the teeth require constant care. A visit to the dentist with another problem of the ongoing care is not considered. This "bad taste" and bad habit that will eventually lead to large, and therefore expensive problems.

2. Find "your doctor", whom you trust. This is important at all stages of care and treatment. Unconditionally follow the advice of a doctor and follow the treatment plan and prevention.

3. If the doctor said I needed professional dental hygiene, so it is needed. This does not mean that the doctor takes you on additional expenses. This means that the plaque on your teeth will enable him efficiently to perform other procedures — treatment, bleaching and so on. Tartar and "bacterial compote", which consists of plaque, can spoil the work of the brilliant dentist who was not able to convince you of the need for professional teeth cleaning. Therefore, item number 2 (see above) I think it's more important than point number 3.

4. If suddenly your doctor after professional hygiene, treatment, bleaching, or forgot to remind you about what is home hygiene, remind to remind him about it. Whether you need a dental floss? Irrigator? Special toothpastes and rinses? It depends on many factors, including the density of the adjoining teeth, and the condition of the gums. You're unlikely to be able to objectively assess this. Only total control over the teeth professional and using home remedies will give a perfect result: the teeth will be healthy, but their owner — a well-groomed, respectable and happy. After all, a beautiful smile is not only like others, but uplifting and its owner.

5. Ask your doctor to create a personalized schedule of professional hygiene. You may recommend a professional cleaning once every two, three, six months depending on the original condition of your teeth. Do not stray from this schedule, even if you feel that in your mouth at once, perfect order. Let the dentist once your visit to confirm this assumption. And I will give the dry facts: professional hygiene reduces the likelihood of caries and its complications by 80 percent. This is proven by the world health organization. This preventive result has not one of the specialties in medicine.

6. Keep control of somatic diseases, monitor the level of hormones. Endocrine malfunctions in the body can disrupt the process of slovacia, i.e. salivation, as a consequence — the accelerated formation of dental calculus and, as a result, the germination of stone under a gum and inevitable tooth loss.

7. Buy a "proper" toothbrush. With the rigidity that is right for your teeth and gums. Learn how to keep it. That's right — it's like a ballpoint pen using three fingers and not all five. So you will provide the right pressure, which does not injure the gums and will not erase the enamel, which can lead to the formation of wedge-shaped defect. This so-called non-carious lesions of the tooth — a very unpleasant condition when the tooth is gradually destroyed, in response to cold, hot, sour. Tooth sensitivity can be so high that it becomes impossible to clean them — a touch of the brush causes pain and discomfort.

8. Don't get carried away with homemade teeth whitening. Yes, it's budget. Yes, pleasing to the eye. But the sad teeth. Whitening toothpastes don't exist. There are sverhpredelna funds, they operate on the principle of very fine sand paper. Removed plaque, which can contain a pigment, so the teeth really are bleached. In the first stage. And then removed the actually enamel. To use such funds no more than once a week. Dream of the white teeth — stop self-mutilation, contact the professionals.

9. It is best to whiten your teeth before you go to the sea or in the mountains. Due to the action of certain waves of the solar spectrum the effect of professional treatments will be strengthened and extended. Due to the action of the sun's rays with tooth enamel leaving the remaining pigment.

10. Stop already afraid of dentists! We are pleasant and positive people. To hurt with the help of modern dental equipment is almost impossible. Even for ultrasonic teeth cleaning invented apparatus, which includes a sensor sensitivity. He knows when to stop, not to hurt you. But to remove the teeth still frustrating is the fact. Keep this in mind.

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