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To love it: everything about non-surgical rhinoplasty

Today there are unique methods for correcting the shape of nose without going to a surgeon

Ubiquitous statistics says that every second person on the planet are unhappy with their nose. That is why one of the most popular plastic surgeries is rhinoplasty — reshaping the nose. Well, what about those who are not willing to go under the knife? There is a solution. After all, today there are unique methods for correcting the shape of nose without going to a surgeon.

To change the shape of the nose people have tried since ancient times. The first description of rhinoplasty is found in the manuscript "Knowledge of life" (Ayurveda), which was written in ancient India more than 1000 years BC. Indian surgeons have restored the damaged noses of the soldiers. To do this, the missing pieces of skin taken from the forehead, cheeks or, sorry, the buttocks. At the end of the XV century rhinoplasty was practiced in Europe — in England and Italy. The father of the European plastic surgery is considered to be Gaspare, Tagliacozzi, Professor of the University of Bologna, which was successfully done, including surgery to change the shape of the nose.

Fillers help

People who would like to correct the shortcomings of his nose, not always decided. Often this is due to the complexity of rhinoplasty, which involves precision of a surgeon and with a long and complex recovery period. Not the last role plays and the high cost of plastic surgery. In addition, the result of the surgery is irreversible: the case is not quite successful correction you will never be able to return to its original look. That is why in modern cosmetology appeared method of non-surgical rhinoplasty is the result of many years of work of leading experts in the field of aesthetic cosmetology, which allows to achieve a change in appearance without having to go under the surgeon's knife.

"Non-surgical rhinoplasty is not aimed at a radical reconstruction of the nose. It is used to correct the various defects of the nose that can be corrected without resorting to surgery, says doctor of aesthetic medicine, chief doctor of the Moscow Institute of beauty Belle Allure Elena Vasilieva. — Non-surgical rhinoplasty is becoming very popular in cosmetics because of a number of advantages: the absence of surgical intervention, minimal rehabilitation period, maintaining the normal rhythm of life immediately after the procedure, etc."

Before the procedure the patient and physician discuss in detail the desired outcome of correcting the nose. Oh, and then comes the turn of the actually procedure itself. Is it under local anesthesia — 10 minutes on the nose apply a special anesthetic cream. Then made the injection into the area of correction.

Filler injections — syntheti cal gel calcium-based (calcium hydroxyapatite, calcium gidroksiapatit) or hyaluronic acid. He plays the role of the plastic implant. The implant is safe and well tolerated by the body.

Hyaluronic acid is produced from bacterial synthesis. The microorganisms resulting from the synthesis, are not genetically modified.
The result is a transparent gel that does not contain toxins. The gel is very resistant to the enzymes of the skin cells, which destroy the substance and duration of action of the drug increases. Also the gel has the perfect viscosity and elasticity, which is very convenient for the introduction of it into the skin with a syringe.

The filling gel allows you to align a variety of bumps, disguise defects. Using injections of gel also lifted the tip of the nose, which, as you know, the age falls below that old face.

This drug is not only safely tolerated by the body, but also has the properties of rejuvenating the skin, giving the skin a healthy color, firmness and freshness. This simple procedure lasts 15 to 30 minutes.

Не вешать нос: все о безоперационной ринопластике

Elena Vasilievitch: Ksenia Polyakova

"After non-surgical rhinoplasty eliminated visible defects of the nose, irregularities, asymmetry, masked by the hump, the tip of the nose becomes taut, visually rejuvenate the face. The nose skin becomes elastic and healthy, — says Elena Vasilieva. — The advantage of the procedure is the rapid recovery of the patient, which the next day can return to an active life. At the injection site may occur swelling, a bruise, which goes through 2-4 days. After the procedure is necessary to protect the nose from injury — take care to preserve the obtained shape intact.

Another nice bonus: the non-surgical rhinoplasty result is visible immediately and lasts from six months to a year and a half, depending on the composition of the product and its quality".

Of the shortcomings can be noted the fragility of the result. A year and a half will have to repeat the procedure. In some cases, the need for this arises much earlier. In addition, a wrong gel can migrate and the effect of the procedure will be nullified. It is therefore very important to choose the right specialist.

Nitive rejuvenation

Recently to the aid of beauticians came in strands of 100% polylactic acid Resorblift. Thanks to them you can solve a lot of problems, including shape correction of the nose.

"For example, using threads to lift the drooping tip of the nose. This technique is also called "naewoe rejuvenation of the nose", as it slightly turned-up nose is visually makes the face look younger, — continues the story Elena Vasilieva. The thread is conducted through the cartilaginous part and is fixed to the periosteum of the upper part of the back of the nose. To understand whether you fit the lifting of the nose, in front of the mirror, slightly lift the toe tip of the nose, the result of a strand non-surgical rhinoplasty will be similar. The technique is suitable for those patients in whom the tip of the nose slightly lowered.

Also using threads it is possible to make narrower the base of the nose. In this case, the thread is held inside between the lip and gum, is laid in the form of eight and contracted. The technique is suitable for patients, the wings of the nose, which spread out while smiling".

Contraindications of procedure practically no, only the standard limitations for any drugs implanted under the skin, for example, the presence of autoimmune diseases, acute inflammatory reactions.

However, in any case, it is necessary to choose the right clinic and doctor that you will trust your face. "The clinic where you are applying, must have medical license for the provision of medical cosmetology, medical doctor diploma with the obligatory specialization in the field of dermatology and cosmetology, — reminds Elena Vasilieva. — A doctor must have a certificate of installation threads Resorblift, a registration certificate and Declaration of conformity to the drug. And of course, the reputation of the clinic is of great value."

By the way, Elena Vasilieva is the head coach at Resorblift not only here in Russia but all over the world. Therefore, many methods, including with regards to the thread rejuvenation of the nose, is truly unique.

Indications for non-surgical rhinoplasty

Не вешать нос: все о безоперационной ринопластике

Photo: Ksenia Polyakova

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a medical procedure, so before its implementation it is necessary to consult a specialist to avoid possible unpleasant consequences.

• Asymmetry of the nose

• Dips, hollows, depressions, and other types of external irregularities of the nose

• Correction of minor defects of the nose (removal of irregularities, raising the tip of the nose)

• Sharp corners of the nose

• Hump nose

• Flat top nose

• The reconstruction of the nose after trauma

• Sagging, aging skin in the nose area

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