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Being beautiful is not expensive remember beauty secrets our grandmothers and mothers

Cosmetics manufacturers are attracted to us is, bright packaging and loud slogans. Each firm claims that its products are the best. Is one or two times to apply them miracle cure, frog-Princess, you immediately turn into Vasilisa the Beautiful.

Certainly, who argues, science does not stand still. Chemists, biologists, cosmetologists, perfumers, and many other experts are working day and night over the creation and combination of components, getting new trains.

And now, the presentation, the attraction of stars to is a new cream and a new product hits the shelves. Taking a tiny jar in his hands and looking at its price, we do have the right to expect miraculous result. But it is not always the case.

But somehow we lived our grandmothers and mothers without imported cosmetics, and thus created the reputation of Russian women as the most beautiful in the world. They didn't have stylists, makeup artists, trichologists and cosmetologists in the country could be counted on the fingers. But they had a conventional pharmacy. Maybe we should look at what they used?

In favor of pharmacy means says their naturalness and low price. If you do not like the product, it for the money is not a pity to throw out — it's not proprietary 30 milliliters for 30 thousand rubles.

Coal-tar soap

Yes, to get used to the smell of birch tar is not easy, but when you realize how much good this brown piece of soap, you'll forget about such trifles. Medicinal properties of tar was known in ancient Russia.

Soap can wash not only the skin but also the hair. It dries well and disinfects. Removes Shine and tightens pores. By the way, doctors genekologu recommend its use and for intimate hygiene.

The price of a bar of soap of about 25 rubles.

Salicylic acid

This tool copes with chemical peeling of the skin. In contrast to the mechanical, even the most gentle, are left on the face of microdamage.

Substance cleans and dries the skin, helps acne, clogging of the sebaceous glands, reduces inflammation.

One bottle cost less than 100 you will last for six months.


The product is completely natural is a sponge that lives in fresh water. In the drugstore it is sold in powder form. Just add a little water and oil, for example, tea tree or peach, bought immediately and you get the amazing remedy for wrinkles.

Also this plant can be used for peeling. It includes a mask of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients — a whole pantry of nature. And bruises, no badyagi do not do.


It's certainly not the yellow, viscous substance that lies at the grandmother in the garden, but the material is also natural and useful. The versatility of the product that it is suitable for all body parts from head to toe. Clay perfectly cleanses the hair and skin. It helps with acne, nourishes and hydrates the face, smooths out the structure and pull the oval.

On every box of pharmacy clay there are guidelines on its use. What and how to plant and in what proportions.

Now take a tube of clay mask, store-bought cosmetics, read the ingredients, find the difference and compare the price.


The pharmacy has a hope to purchase a natural oil, not a chemical composition with them. Any oil can be used in pure form for moisturizing the skin or as a basis for the future of the cream, masks, and others as additives.

For example, tea tree oil perfectly cleanses the face, penetrating deeply into the epidermis. Lavender — soothe at night. Peach gives the skin elasticity and radiance.

Spent oil literally drop by drop. Small bottle, cost about 200 rubles can last for a long time. Erase only the expiry date and storage conditions.


At the pharmacy you can find grass on all occasions. They can be in dry form loose, in paper bags, as a tea or alcohol tincture. It all depends on what you plan to do.

So alcohol tincture of calendula will help with wounds and cuts. Boil dry chamomile in a water bath and rinse the hair. They will be soft and silky. Though Daisy is only suitable for blondes — the grass is slightly lightens the hair. But brunettes with this, you can prepare a decoction of nettle.

Frozen in ice cubes decoction well in the morning freshen up the face, helping to Wake up, relieve dark circles.

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