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To believe correction: called main and dispelling beauty myths

Untested recommendations in the field of beauty is not as harmless as it may seem

Misconceptions — the phenomenon is extremely tenacious and very common. Myths and legends accompany every area of our business, but riotous color and bloom exactly where we are talking about health and beauty. Amazing theory that has no scientific basis, the apparent contradiction in the advice and recommendations of the bold experiments with the new procedures — is it as safe as we think?

Surprisingly, in the era of information society more than ever relevant words of Socrates: "I know that I know nothing." The more there theories and disputes, the more doubts and myths are born in our heads. Useful facial cleansing? Not harmful if the lamination of hair? Do anti-cellulite products? Understand together.

Show face

According to statistics, most carefully — and, consequently, with the great set of tools and manipulations, women caring for the face. It is clear: our age and health are assessed primarily on the skin condition, the presence or absence of wrinkles, color and tone. And that treatments and cosmetics, work-related over the beauty of the face, and raised the most questions and conjectures.

The main mistake ladies still notorious purification — the quality and effectiveness of the first stage in the system of care suffers from our unskillful actions. If you regularly do makeup, you have to wash twice. First you need to wash off the face of the remnants of tonal resources, powder and blusher and eyebrow pencil marks. When the contour is finished, begin immediately cleansing — and it's two different (!) step in the composition of a single process. You can use them for different means: first use, for example, a lotion to remove make-up, and then the fresh gel.

Of great concern to girls is the use of a special automated brushes for purification. As it happens, the way I found both ardent supporters and implacable opponents. Alas, the first and the second largely wrong. So, fans brushes use them too vigorously and excessively, apply on dry skin, hoping for a more "nuclear" effect. Ignore the massage lines, famously leading apparatus in the face in a chaotic manner, wildly press on the skin and put the maximum speed modes. In a month-the second such treatment, the face resembles the battlefield — peeling, redness, sores here. And this result becomes the main argument of the opponents of brushes which, of course, unfair to the wonderful machines.

Movement brush should be performed according to wet skin, massaging gently, without much pressure, not longer than is specified in the regulations on the minimum (to start) speed. Girls with sensitive skin must pick a special brush and use emollients.

By the way, is due to errors in the process of cleaning it is necessary to clean the face. Many cosmetologists believe that this procedure is indicated only girls with specific problems. If you do not, the pores can take place in a regular manner: using a daily cleanser, if necessary, peeling no more than once in two weeks. If you require mechanical assistance for the removal of comedones and blackheads, review care, diet and remember that no ultrasound will not save you from problems if you are illiterate, wash. No steaming of the face over the tub with hot water! This is a recipe for rosacea. Open pores help specially designed beauty products.

One common mistake many ladies love cosmetics. The use of base and essential oils, the mask of curd and cucumber, strawberries and other food — alas, in the modern reality it is nothing more than people's fun. Compete in efficiency with the proposed cosmetic products they simply can't. Moreover, illiterate mixed oil can lead to serious skin problems: clogged pores, rashes, allergic reactions and even chemical burns -- if we are talking about esters. When you work with them it is important to adhere to a strict dosage, which few know. Also — alas! — no competitor products, synthetic molecules and organic cosmetics.

Debunking the hoax almost a century we learned from the book Jana Subcool, written in collaboration with the doctor-cosmetologist Tiina Orasmaa Meder. Alas: all favourite balms and a lip balm for lips — the cause permanent skin dryness, cracks and peeling. According to experts, the skin of the lips and so is good enough to cope with the cold and heat, quickly updated and does not require special attention. But as soon as we begin to actively protect the natural barrier properties decrease, the metabolic processes are inhibited, impaired mechanism of hydration — and here we are in a vicious circle. Balms I use — we get problems. How to be? The authors suggest to use the regular moisturizers for the face.

Complicated story

Tips and advice on hair care nearly as much. The main mistakes (and most dangerous!) — the stubborn refusal to protect their tresses from thermopaste in the form of hair dryers, ploek and forceps. Specialists repeat: if you can't abandon the packing of the devices, protect the hair with the help of special funds from the factors of thermal protection.

Barbers who are concerned about the state of our hair, we strongly recommend to forget about home masks recipes which are shared between our grandmothers. First, no matter how we love people's beauty secrets, they will never surpass the effectiveness of salon treatments or even a simple home care of the brand. Second, a mask can severely harm the hair, but the scalp. And if it hurts, "soil", and the "germs" will be weak. Oil formulations clog the pores and interfere with the hair follicle, peppers can cause burns. The exception to this rule is coconut oil which is suitable even for problem skin and does not cause blockage of sebaceous ducts.

The girls, accustomed to the use of henna, it is important to abandon this fun as soon as possible. Somehow in our consciousness rooted idea about the exclusive benefits of this plant — but, alas, reality is far from this. Amazing visual effect — Shine, smoothness, softness, can confuse you, but this picture henna achieves by gluing the scales of the hair. Because of this, the cortex does not penetrate enough moisture and nutrients, and it means that soon you will meet with dryness and brittleness. Trichologists have come to this conclusion for quite some time, but people love to henna, almost indestructible.

Proceed to the body

When it comes to beauty myths relating to the body, the leadership here keeps the conventional wisdom about anti-cellulite products. Opponents of such funds is called their marketing ploy, and indicate that the root causes of "orange peel" lie deep in the tissues, and no miracle cream will not fix internal faults and problems. On the one hand, it is. And on the other anti-cellulite products are part of the overall therapy: if a sufficient concentration of caffeine, the main fighter with irregularities, you can safely rely on the visual effect with regular use. In combination even with a home massage and proper nutrition to achieve smooth skin possible.

Another common myth is one of the most dangerous in the industry. The majority of our compatriots (and compatriots) believe that sunscreen will protect us from malignant diseases of the skin. But, unfortunately, it is not. Even funds with the highest barrier factor can't be guaranteed, because the mechanisms of melanoma are not fully understood. Experts recommend to hide from the rays in threat watch and not to hold in the sun longer than an hour.

Where did the information about the terrible effects of the use of antiperspirants with aluminum — is unclear. But the fact remains: now we are in a constant search of organic products without "this substance," which allegedly causes diseases of the mammary glands. We can only regret aluminium, after convincing evidence of his malignancy and was not made available to the scientific community.

In short, before you believe some statement — or, conversely, happily indulge in beauty experiments- not the superfluous will check the information and carefully weigh the pros and cons. In the end our health and beauty is solely in our hands.

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