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All in the teeth: choose the right toothpaste tells about the best means to care for the oral cavity

Toothpaste appeared relatively recently — only in 1873. And still many believe that its value is too exaggerated: supposedly, lived somehow without her humanity. Well, others, however, give buying toothpaste exaggerated significance, considering: the only expensive tool will help the teeth stay healthy. How to choose the right toothpaste and what to look for in the review

Studying the composition

Of course, you first need to look at the ingredients of toothpaste. Feel free to choose the one which is useful for teeth and gums components. It extracts and macerate herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Все по зубам: выбираем правильную пасту

Photo: materials of press-services

Toothpaste from brand KAMALI at first glance may seem a little strange — and color, smell and consistency. Moreover, it should be kept only in the refrigerator. However, knowing its composition, you will understand why this pasta is so tender that does not tolerate humid air of the bathroom, and love her natural scent and unusual taste. So, the main ingredients: kaolin (white clay), mazerat mint, mazerat oak bark, burdock root extract, extract of flax, green tea extract, birch extract, Hypericum extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, pine bark extract, mint essential oil. That is, no products of the petrochemical refining and alcohol, only vegetable raw materials. Therefore, it can be used even for children from the age of two.

Two in one

From the popular line of toothpaste Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT appeared three Novini — choose what you want to leave.

Pasta Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT ensures Strong teeth the remineralization of enamel that is makes up for the lack of minerals in the damaged areas. It forms on the tooth surface with a special protective film that prevents bacterial growth and protects from the harmful effects of food acids, ensuring long-term protection of the oral cavity.

Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT a Decrease in sensitivity and gentle whitening, acting on dentinal tubules, "seals" them and protects from erosion of the enamel. This pasta has a delicate texture with a minty taste.

Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT Healthy freshness has a double effect: it fights bacteria that cause bad breath and prevents their reappearance. That is, it works "in advance", blocking the abnormal growth of bacteria and promoting the normalization of the microflora of the oral cavity. Bright taste of peppermint leaves an amazing feeling of freshness for a long time.

Все по зубам: выбираем правильную пасту

Photo: materials of press-services

But buying toothpaste, you need to remember: caring for dental health is a complex regular procedures. To teeth have always been strong, and the smile shone with health required not only the paste with a certain set of healthy ingredients, but also a good toothbrush, That is why experts suggest to use paste to carefully monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity.

Electric toothbrushes Oral-B GENIUS is an innovative system of cleaning teeth, the most perfect of all on the market. Oral-b GENIUS works on the basis of the most effective 3D technology cleaning, combining a reciprocating rotary motion and pulsation. This technology was introduced in 1998 — 35 years after the sound and still remains unsurpassed, not only in terms of plaque removal, but also from the point of view of the care for sore gums.

Experts recommend using an electric toothbrush Oral-B GENIUS with toothpaste PRO-EXPERT. All these products are produced in Germany, where every 5 resident cleans teeth electric toothbrush Oral-B. So it is considered the most studied products for the care of the oral cavity in the world.

Whitening home

Those who dream about white smile is usually whitening toothpaste. Recently, however, you can continue to use therapeutic paste, and whitening to make your own with unique innovations.

Все по зубам: выбираем правильную пасту

Photo: materials of press-services

Actually Whitening strips 3D White Luxe from BLEND-A-MED has long gained popularity in the United States (about 30 million sets were bought in the last 14 years). So, from now on, the strip is in Russia. This is a real revolution in teeth whitening: a simple, convenient and safe independent use of strips of Blend-a-med 3D White Luxe in the home just two weeks brings the obvious result that lasts for up to 12 months.

International Ambassador of Blend-a-med 3D White Luxe — the singer Shakira. And she says that because bleaching strips your life can change for the better: "a Dazzling white smile is one of the main secrets of success in interaction with people. It helps to instantly win the interlocutor, to cause sympathy and trust, to establish emotional contact. And if the beautiful smile is so important, it is very important and care for her!".

For those who wear braces

It's in the recent past, braces were a lot of adolescents. Today they are people of all ages. Alas, even the most experienced do not always know the quality of care for oral hygiene with orthodontic and orthopedic structures it is necessary to use special tools. Pay attention to the novelty of the research laboratory WDS toothpaste R. O. C. S. PROBrackets&Ortho.

Все по зубам: выбираем правильную пасту

Photo: materials of press-services

It eliminates the factors of inflammation of the gums and provides superior cleaning of teeth and orthodontic appliances and due to the presence of active proteolytic enzyme toothpaste R. O. C. S. PRO Brackets&Ortho cleans teeth in areas inaccessible to the toothbrush. This paste contains in its composition xylitol, which normalizes the microflora and prevents the development of caries. Special microgranules gently and efficiently remove plaque, giving the teeth a natural Shine and whiteness.

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