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Rules semitones: fashion makig this spring

During the audit in the purses and on the dressing table officially came!

Inspired by beauty-inventory is easy — look at the images offered us by the makeup artists from the past fashion weeks demonstrated trends of the coming spring.

Правила полутонов: модный макиж этой весны

In fashion - damp, finishto: materials of press-services

The humidity level

...higher than ever! Fashion shining, slightly damp skin (this effect is called Chok-Chok) won a passion for matte finish. Aesthetically pleasing shimmering like washed face — a sign of health and youth in Japan and South Korea. On a well moisturized skin, apply the liquid fluids with Swietokrzyski particles of smallest grinding.

Правила полутонов: модный макиж этой весны

This spring designers offer to experiment with pink, attentamente: materials of press-services

The rising sun

Gone are the days when red and pink shades on the eyes was considered inappropriate. This season calls us to learn how to create makeup in pink smoke, leaving behind all the sharp corners, and past the pitfalls. Indeed, the inept handling of the red-pink palette can create the effect of the sick, the sore eyes, but if the whites are right, and the color of skin smooth and shining, bold experiment with a new trend!

makeup trends of the season spring-summer 2017

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