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MSU has figured out how to defeat old age

If the drug successfully passes clinical trials, it appears in pharmacies

Artificial antioxidant that slows aging, scientists have already tried on mice. The name he was given SkQ1. Its effect is already checked out by scientists from Russia and Sweden, the drug actually slows the aging process.

Two groups of laboratory mice artificially aged. After 100 days the first began to give a new drug and the process of withering began to go slower or stopped completely. The second group of mice, signs of aging manifested as usual: weight loss, lowering the temperature, the development of kyphosis, alopecia, thinning of the skin. In the end, the test subjects from the second group died, and from the first lived for another month and a half.

"This work is significant from both theoretical and practical point of view. On the one hand, it shows the key role of reactive oxygen species generated by mitochondria in aging mammals," explained Dean of the faculty bioingeneria and bioinfomatic, Moscow state University, academician Vladimir Skulachev. — "On the other hand, opens the way to the treatment of aging with antioxidants specifically targeted to mitochondria".

For several years the academician together with his team of scientists working to create drugs that slow down the aging important part of the body's cells — the mitochondria. This kind of power sources of our body. The SkQ1 molecule can cope with this mission.

Now scientists work over creation of SkQ1 on the basis of a new drug. If it successfully passes the clinical trials, then in a few years remedy for ageing can be bought in a regular pharmacy.

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