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Until the summer came, it is urgent to do it

WomanHit found out what beauty treatments should only be done in winter or early spring


We do not need to discuss the benefits of types of exfoliation: mechanical, chemical and so on. The meaning of this action, one to remove the upper dead cells of the skin. Peeling improves the complexion, helps to remove some blackheads, get rid of peeling. It opens up new, young skin cells, but they are still very sensitive to UV light. After peeling, if you certainly do not want to be covered with freckles, the sun there can not be. Weather we have in March is such that "tanning" can not be afraid. And a month after the procedure, your face is ready to sunbathing without the risk to get excess pigmentation.


This procedure allows to get rid of age spots on the body or face. A powerful flash of light in the cell is destroyed melanin, the skin gradually brightens. Such procedures may require several. Photorejuvenation improves the complexion, helps to get rid of small capillary vessels, the skin becomes more elastic.

Disadvantage of this procedure is burning of the skin. This feeling can even stay a few days. That's why rejuvenation is carried out when it is cold.

Removal of neoplasms

All sorts of papillomas and warts — it's not just ugly, but also uncomfortable. As chance would have it, a small ball appears under the strap of your bra or belt.

To remove the tumor better in the cold season, because the blood vessels constrict faster and faster the injured place heals. In addition, under clothing is not visible postoperative sores, and by spring they otvalyatsya.

For the season open clothes your skin in these places will look perfectly smooth.

Hair removal

Laser, or photoepilation is not a quick process. To get rid of hair permanently, require more than one procedure. Between them the hairs should grow back at least half a centimeter. So if you want to flaunt in may, smooth legs hair removal, it is time to sign up.


Problem veins on the legs is of concern to many. Besides pain, varicose veins brings with it another blue spider veins and creepy veins bulging from under the skin. If you decided on surgery, then now is the time to clean up all this mess. However, then he will have to wear thick compression tights, which in hot weather is not very nice.

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