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Remove wrinkles from the forehead without surgery

In this part of the face age-related changes can occur very early

Even pretty young girls can appear wrinkles on the forehead. Someone is the result of the habit of toss surprise eyebrows. Someone the result of mismatched lenses or glasses. Often wrinkles cut face after prolonged sun exposure. In any case, each of us agree: such detail no one color. Therefore, to fight for a beautiful smooth forehead is necessary by all means available.

One of the most effective ways is rightly considered the lifting of the upper third of the face. "Brow lift and forehead lifts most often indicated in patients older than 40 years to reduce the signs of aging in this zone, — says Elena Vasilieva, dermatologist, cosmetologist, chief physician of the Institute of beauty Belle Allure, international certified trainer in a filament lifting. In this age lifting the upper third of the face most in demand. However, if drooping eyebrows and/or ptosis of the tissues of the forehead, deep furrows in the facial area occur in younger patients, they can also be recommend the correction of one of the lifting methods of surgical or cosmetological.

If the severity of the aging process and indications for performing lifting of the tissues of the upper third of the face often recommend surgical methods. They have a number of advantages: first of all, quick results and long-term preservation. However, the operation is the operation, invasive intervention, which is, of course, significant disadvantages and physiological and aesthetic character.

These are as follows:

• high level of traumatization of the tissues during surgery, and high risk of complications after its execution;

• long-term rehabilitation;

• possible numbness places plastic surgery within six months;

• violation of hair growth in the area of the incision;

• violation of the normal facial proportions due to the change in boundary line of hair growth.

Obviously, with the advent of less invasive methods of solving a particular problem in many cases is a preference for them. If to speak about correction of the upper third of the face, such alternative to the surgical operation may be a lifting of eyebrows and skin of forehead."


A filament lifting called minimally invasive surgery, representing a tightening of soft tissues of face. The essence of the procedure is that under the skin at certain anatomical area injected special biocompatible thread.
They are placed in a certain direction, which helps to maintain the skin in good shape and not let it SAG. Although the procedure is simple, here you need to remember important nuances.

Убираем морщины со лба без операции

Elena Vasilievitch: SERGEI VASILIEV

"Let's start with the characteristics of the skin and anatomical structures and most important, threat for holding the thread in the upper third of the face structures, — says Elena Vasilieva. So, the anatomical pitfalls. Professionals know: the skin of the face — its structure, functioning, aging — on different sites has its own characteristics. For example, it is different in thickness, fat content, moisture content, according to the predominance of certain signs of aging and their manifestations, and so on.

It is customary to divide the face into three zones: upper, middle and lower thirds. The upper third of the face is limited to the top area of the hair below the upper edge of the orbit. If we talk about the main differences of the zone of the forehead, which need to consider first and foremost when performing thread tightening, it weak expression of subcutaneous fat and significant muscle activity, hypertonicity of the frontal muscle, hence quite early in the formation of horizontal wrinkles, hyperextension of the skin.

Pay attention to the location of the fat compartments (packets) of the upper third of the face: Central, medial, upper cologlas-nichnogo, lateral periorbital and lateral buccal-zygomatic. These are the structures that will be involved in the installation thread: here enter the thread, here it is fixed, and then tightens these packages. The next point which it is necessary to know and to consider in interventions in the forehead is the blood vessels and nerves. Internal carotid artery (a. carotisinterna) — basically it is blood flow to the frontal region.

Yablokovym nerve (n. supratrochlearis) — innervates the levator of the upper eyelid and the conjunctiva. Notice how superficial it is.

The supraorbital vessels and nerve (a., v., n. supraorbitales) their outputs in the soft tissue of the head are projected on the border of the middle and medial thirds verhnelenskoe region.

The frontal vessels and nerve (a., v., n frontales) their exit from the eye is projected at the point of intersection verhnelenskoe edge with a vertical line drawn through the medial angle of the eye slit.

Yablokova artery (a. supratrochlearis) is one of the terminal branches of the ophthalmic artery (a. оphtalmica), located medially from the supraorbital artery. She goes around the supraorbital edge and heading up, supplies the skin and muscles of medial forehead.

Superficial temporal artery (a. temporalis superficialis) is the continued trunk of the external carotid artery, passes upward in front of the ear (partially covered at the level of her tragus, back of the parotid glands) in the temporal region above the zygomatic arch from a living person felt her pulse. At the level of the supraorbital edge of the frontal bone superficial temporal artery divides into the frontal branch (r. frontalis) and the parietal branch (r. parietalis).

Zygoma-the temporal vessels and nerve (a., v, n. zygomaticotemporalis). From these vessels and nerves is directly dependent on the sustenance of the skin of the frontal region — its blood supply and innervation. Damage can lead, respectively, to bleeding, bruises of different severity, ptosis of the skin and muscles. The most dangerous areas for holding threads of the upper third of the face are projected Yablokova nerve Yablokova artery and the frontal branches of the superficial temporal arteries zygoma-the temporal (watchdog) of Vienna.

It is therefore very important to choose the right clinic and doctor that you will trust your face. The clinic where you are applying, must have medical license for the provision of medical cosmetology, medical doctor diploma with the obligatory specialization in the field of dermatology and cosmetology. A doctor must have a certificate on the installation thread, a registration certificate and Declaration of conformity to the drug. And of course, the reputation of the clinic is of great importance.

Studying the composition

Threads lifting are divided into:

• non-absorbable;

• long-term absorbable;

• combined;

• absorbable.

It is scientifically proven that absolute biocompatibility have absorbable Resorblift from 100% polylactic acid. The coach Resorblift not only in Russia but around the world is Elena Vasileva. So it like no one else knows about the abilities of these threads.

"Why filament of polylactic acid? The choice is determined by scientifically proven data on the composition of the material, — says Elena Vasilieva. — So, proved its absolute biocompatibility and low antigenic activity, complete resorbability of a polylactic acid, which is excreted from the body within 6-9 months, its revitalizing action. Yarn Resorblift incredibly durable — they can withstand loads up to 6 kg. No less important functional appropriateness of the location of incisions, atraumatic needles, a pronounced lifting effect, the duration of the result within 3-5 years. An immediate result is provided by mechanical fixing of the filaments in the tissues of the hypodermis, the long-term result, the composition of the threads and the effect of polylactic acid on fibroblasts, which leads to the formation of a pool of new fibroblasts and the development of 4 types of collagen, native hyaluronic acid".

Patient selection

As for the success of any method of elimination (or treatment) to achieve the expressed effect of lifting is extremely important is adequate patient selection. The two most current criteria in the application in the upper third of the face yarns Resorblift: skin thickness and the amplitude of the mobility of the tissues. "Ideal — a patient with a medium to thick skin, the average intensity of adipose tissue (i.e. tissue not very heavy) and with a low or average mobility of the soft tissue, — said Elena Vasilieva. In this case, the thread is recorded in the tissues, the procedure is not accompanied by such undesirable side effect as contouring or failure of the filament.

Of course, an important a number of somatic information and nesomaticheskoy plan, which must be identified from history. First of all, the presence of contraindications, which are similar to those in minimally invasive procedures."

The procedure itself is fairly quick. It lasts 20-30 minutes and is installing threads under local anesthesia. The technique is based on the implantation under the skin, the special sutures, which, when proper fixation provides a good lifting effect. As a rule, for the purpose of lifting the soft tissues of the forehead using two strands of 45 cm

Not in the eye, and brow

Aesthetically attractive, the forehead should be slightly convex profile. And the most important part of the face is the eyebrows, because they create the mood of the entire person. The "wrong" location of the eyebrows can give the face an expression of perpetual bewilderment or anger. So here besides the threads Resorblift can come, botulinum toxin injections or contouring. But it can only identify the doctor that you carefully chose and trust. This expert holds an aesthetic evaluation of the forehead and eyebrows. Based on this assessment, a plan correction. And, as a result, a beautiful smooth forehead. Without wrinkles and asymmetrical eyebrows.

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