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7 secrets to youthful skin, of which you were unaware

In Ancient Russia noblewoman washed with ice water from a silver pitcher, and in Ancient China, to look in the fashion of the pale and thin, the girls rubbed his face with egg white and slept on bamboo mats

Nowadays every lady knows about the miraculous properties of hyaluronic acid and proper hydration, but we are sure that some of the lifehacks for youthful skin you never knew existed.


Sleeping beauty

In 20 years you will look fresh even after 5 hours of sleep face in the pillow. Another thing 35. If you select the wrong position during sleep, can not sleep, but to buy extra folds on the face.

Proper sleep for younger look — sleeping on the back, not very high pillow or cushion. Sleeping on the stomach leads to swelling of the face and bruises under eyes, sleeping on your side — to deformation of the face on the one hand, and if you sleep on a high pillow, the neck is going to creases, which also leads to the formation of wrinkles.

Smile, but not to the ears

The first commandment of skin that wrinkles do not become deeper, preferably they are generally on the face are not allowed. Wrinkles — the most common form of folds, so watch out for emotions!

— Avoid stress, which make you frown

— Stop leaning your face on your hand

— Forget about the active rubbing of the eyes and wean to constantly squint

Love to smile a lot? Then your age can give radial wrinkles around the eyes. With a 25 should monitor the skin around the eyes using eyeshadow and delicate skin under the eyes special creams. For example, Avon developed a System 2 in 1 for skin around the eyes, "great lifting", which includes a cream for the skin under the eyes and a gel for the upper eyelid. The cream contains polypeptides, and the gel strengthens the skin of the eyelid. Together they increase the density of the skin and provide a lifting effect for a period of up to 12 hours. Two applications of cream a day is enough to significantly rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.


Where to find beauty vitamins?

The stars among the "minerals of youth" — these are vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin C is all right looking for in citrus fruits, vitamin E in vegetable oils and butter, but that's about vitamin a or beta-carotene, usually only know that it is contained in carrots. But this is not the only source of the substance that is responsible for the safety of our vessels and, consequently, for a beautiful complexion.

7 секретов молодости кожи, о которых вы не подозревали

Vitamin A is rich in all fruits and vegetables of red color (because it is beta-carotene gives vegetables), and even... not very well known in our area spinach! So this is an excellent opportunity to enter into the diet of green soup puree with spinach leaves or make him a salad.

Strong bones — a sign of elastic skin?

In the fight for youth take their allies in this vitamin, like calcium! It is not only necessary for strong and beautiful teeth, which are a mandatory attribute of beautiful ladies. Calcium will help reduce the number and depth of wrinkles!

7 секретов молодости кожи, о которых вы не подозревали

This substance is responsible for ensuring that the skin does not become dry from what other vitamins did not get to the center of the cells of the epidermis. So remember that 100 grams of cottage cheese or 2 glasses of milk a day will give you not only healthy bones, but more elastic skin!

Special tools

Youth formula from Sophia Loren

7 секретов молодости кожи, о которых вы не подозревали

To make facial masks can be of a good half of the contents of your refrigerator. Yeast, oats and apples can be not only pie, but also a useful face mask. But we will tell you about the mask, which was used by the famous actress Sophia Loren.

— 1 tsp gelatin pour 100 ml of milk/cream/yogurt (for normal/dry/oily skin)
— place the mixture for six hours in the cold, the gelatin during this time swell
— swollen gelatin in milk mix in a blender with olive oil, honey and white wine (teaspoon)

This mixture tightens the skin, but to use it is necessary not more often than once a month.

Preparatory procedures

7 секретов молодости кожи, о которых вы не подозревали

To mask to the end has had its miraculous effect, don't leave them to steam the face. This will suit either a hot compress or medicinal herbs — chamomile, sage, calendula. After this procedure, the pores will unfold, and the effect of subsequent anti-aging mask will be visible.

And don't forget about the main thing: the youth is first a state of mind! So stay optimistic, and let your eyes Shine with intense Shine in any situation!

Catherine M., Mary Tretiakevich

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