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A gift for the Prince: beauty secrets of Megan Markle

Beloved Prince Harry shared his tips for caring for a

Beloved Prince Harry Meghan Markle already being compared to Kate Middleton: the actress is not inferior to the Duchess of beauty, style and ability to present themselves. However, American movie stars have their own secrets to care for themselves that she is willing to share. took advice Megan.

"A very important motivation. My health, my mental state, feeling of euphoria that I feel after a workout, move me to stand on a rug or go to the gym. Sometimes even the thought of having to start doing, seems unbearable. But I always remind myself how good I will feel later".

Подарок для принца: секреты красоты Меган Маркл

Meghan Markle recognizes that the love for yoga in her крови

"My mother was a yoga instructor so these classes are in my blood. I love intense Vinyasa class. Better yet to do the fiery hip-hop in a dark room by candlelight! continues the actress, talking about their preferences for physical activity. And I love running. This is for me a form of meditation. While Jogging my brain cleared, freed from the rubbish. And it is such a pleasure!"

"We should be able to accept and love the features. When I look in the mirror, I see freckles. And they really like me".

Подарок для принца: секреты красоты Меган Маркл

Meghan Markle always allows himself раслабиться

"I always allow myself to wallow. We're all very busy, doing several things at once, but I'm trying to find at least an hour to just relax, mindlessly watch TV, switching from channel to channel, cuddle with my dog, enjoy a glass of wine. It's also part of the investment itself. This is the balance."

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