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5 simple peels that are easy to make at home

Early spring is the best time for deep cleansing

Dust in the areas, dirt roads, and just become obsolete cells of the epidermis preventing the skin to breathe properly, to be fresh and healthy. Exfoliation is the best way to return to face a radiant look. Once a week give yourself a little attention, and your appearance will respond with gratitude.

The sun can cause dark spots, so during high activity lights to exfoliate the skin is not recommended. And early spring is the time for deep cleaning.

Of course, the cosmetic companies have for years looking for the ideal formulations for their products by mixing certain ingredients. Of course, all the products and oils used are natural, but that their cosmetics were kept longer, the chemicals in it, still add.

We're going to do your cosmetics. It perfectly removes dead skin cells, refreshes the skin and evens its tone. And most importantly — you'll know exactly what to put in the jar and in what proportions. Another advantage of home peels is the price.

5 несложных пилингов, которые легко сделать дома

Coffee and chocolate tone кожу


For used tablets of coffee machine in our office, directly all of the beauties. But the fit and easy ground coffee, insoluble. In General, the main idea of homemade cosmetics is to take quality and fresh ingredients, and even allergies can get.

3 teaspoons of coffee, add 5 teaspoons of olive oil and one of ground cinnamon. All mix thoroughly and apply it on the face.

Within three minutes we need to massage the face, avoiding the eye area. It is necessary to move along the massage lines. Then wash with warm water and then cold.

5 несложных пилингов, которые легко сделать дома

Thoroughly rinse all ингридиенты


Kernel of almond grind in a coffee grinder, take 1 teaspoon of the resulting powder and mix with 2 tablespoons of yogurt, preferably homemade too. Or buy in-store natural, without any additives. Add to the mix a spoonful of honey.

Apply, massage, rinse after a minute.

Here in this case, be careful if you are allergic to almonds — walnuts take. Honey — choose a different peel.

5 несложных пилингов, которые легко сделать дома

Any grain is fine отшелушивает


Oat flakes can take the most common. Suitable out of the pack of "Hercules". But what mix depends on your skin.

The normal — warm boiled water.

Oily, prone to acne, green tea.

Dry — yogurt.

Let the mix steep for about ten minutes, then add a teaspoon of honey or lemon juice and apply on face. Gently massage and leave for five minutes. After you rinse.

5 несложных пилингов, которые легко сделать дома

Lemon juice whitens кожу


Two teaspoons of sugar. Any. Since "brown sugar cane" sugar often turns out to be just tinted. Mix with four tablespoons of olive oil. Massage into skin, rinse until the sugar has dissolved.

5 несложных пилингов, которые легко сделать дома

Orange will give Golden hue лицу


Squeeze the juice of one orange and mix it with corn flour to obtain a homogeneous slurry. Apply massage movements on the face and rinse. This peeling gives the skin a nice color of light tan.

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