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Looking to the future: blepharoplasty without a scalpel

How to get rid of hanging eyelids, dark circles and wrinkles without surgery

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. But, alas, the time, and not always the correct way of life is not the best way affect this sensitive area of skin covered with network of wrinkles under eyes there are bags or dark circles and the eyelids hang. If you have any of these problems, there is reason to think about blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is an operation for tightening the skin of the upper and lower eyelids.

Indications for blepharoplasty are the following:

• bags under the eyes;

• excess tissue in the area around the eyes;

• the desire for more fresh and youthful appearance;

• wrinkles and sagging skin in the eye area.

Not so long ago practically the only way to fundamentally solve these problems was going to a plastic surgeon. But now there is a lot of money, apparatus and methods that allow you to go under the knife, and to solve the problem of minimally invasive method. This is a non-surgical blepharoplasty.

Types bezoperatsionnaya methodologies today are many. Here are just some of them:

• Injection;

• Laser;

• Ultrasonic;

• Lifting;

• Thermage.

The advantages of these methods (compared with surgery) are obvious. This low injury rate and maloinvazivnogo, no violation of the integrity of the skin, the procedure on an outpatient basis, short rehabilitation period. But the most important is no risk of accidental displacement of the tissues and, consequently, distortion of facial features. Of the shortcomings can be called, perhaps not very long the result: the Reflection in the mirror will delight you for a couple more years, after which the course must be repeated. Nevertheless, more and more women are choosing non-surgical blepharoplasty. So focus on the most effective methods.

Injections instead of a scalpel

One of the most popular types of non-surgical blepharoplasty is considered injection. In this method, directly under the skin in the problem area are introduced the necessary drugs. Often containing vitamins, botanicals, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and other components which provide a lifting, rejuvenating effect.

Excellent results are obtained by injecting blepharoplasty with the help of some drugs. This procedure solves several problems:

• Relief of symptoms of swelling and pastoznost in the periorbital region;

• Improved color of the skin, reducing the severity of dark circles under the eyes;

• Increasing of turgor and skin tone in the periorbital region;

• Aligning macro - and micro-relief of the skin;

• Reducing the severity of periorbital hernias.

Взгляд в будущее: блефаропластика без скальпеля

Elena Vasilievitch: materials of press-services

Elena Vasilyeva, chief doctor of the Institute of beauty and Belle Allure. Doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist. He graduated from the First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov. Aesthetic medicine deals since 1999. In 2007 he founded the Institute of beauty Belle Allure in Moscow. At one of the congresses in Paris heard about threads Resorblift polylactic acid realized that this innovation is a real breakthrough in cosmetology, and got the idea to bring the threads into Russia. Signed the contract, convinced that our Russian market this drug is absolutely necessary. In 2011 thread Resorblift was officially registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. Currently is the head coach of professionals on a filament lifting Resorblift not only in Russia and the CIS, but also around the world.

"These drugs, as a rule, are patented bioactive formula consists of PeriOrbital XP2 Peptide, Hexapeptide 17 and unstabilized hyaluronic acid biofermentation origin in a composition with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, — says doctor of aesthetic medicine, chief doctor of the Moscow Institute of beauty Belle Allure Elena Vasilieva. — Talk about each ingredient. "PeriOrbital Peptide ХР2тм" is a single specific ACE inhibitor: eliminates spasm of arterioles, improve microcirculation in the dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue; activates the lymphatic circulation due to the impact on the receptors in the lymphatic vessels, responsible for the movement of the walls and valves as well as for the direction of movement of lymph, eliminates pathological vasodilation of the venous system and reduces their permeability. Has glikozidirovaniya activity, thereby contributing to the recovery and protection of collagen and elastin fibers.

Hexapeptide 17™ due to the stimulation of opioid receptors leads to lymphatic vessels: lymphatic drainage action, the activation of the lymph circulation; anti-inflammatory effect; improves microcirculation; vasoprotection.

DRMC complex of amino acids and vitamins and nucleosides defines: dermatillomania; revitalize; lifting.

It is advisable to undergo procedures. Basic course of 3-6 sessions with an interval of 7-10 days. But the exact number should be determined still, cosmetologist, depending on the severity of age-related skin changes".

The injections with drugs there are a number of counter-indications, which you must warn the doctor-cosmetologist. This:

Acute inflammatory processes (acne, herpes) or symptoms of chronic dermatoses in the area of the alleged injections;

Hypersensitivity to the drug;

Autoimmune diseases
and/or administration of drugs to correct these conditions;

Permanent implants in the area of the proposed procedure;

Pregnancy and lactation;

The age of 18.

In all other cases, this technique gives excellent results. The rehabilitation period lasts only a couple of days — it is after all this time, less swelling (and sometimes earlier). And immediately after that you can go out updated: the result of injection blepharoplasty is comparable to plastic surgery. Plus a nice bonus: in parallel, start the process of active regeneration of the skin.

To the unit!

Non-surgical blepharoplasty on the upper or lower eyelids can be performed not only by injection but also hardware methods. Minimally painful procedure with short recovery at a high efficiency radio frequency rejuvenation. Very good results delivers equipment for OMO regulations with a special nozzle Fractora. Skin care with the help of tips Fractora is the stimulation of natural mechanisms of deep skin rejuvenation by radiofrequency waves. Thanks to the needle-electrodes, the RF pulse operates to a depth of 1-3 mm, which allows to stimulate neocollagenesis, improve skin tone and achieve a lifting effect without the scalpel of a surgeon.

"Unfortunately, with age, the skin loses its ability to hold in moisture, and this leads to depletion of the supply of collagen, the protein responsible for the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, — says Elena Vasilieva. Machine for skin rejuvenation with Fractora special nozzle allows in a short time and at the same time, without any negative consequences to the body to stimulate the natural production of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. This result leads to the start of the natural process of rejuvenation.

Will tell a little more about Fractora attachment. It is designed to perform minimally invasive procedures in the facial area. As a result, this technique does fractional RF resurfacing, ablation, coagulation and heating subsections tissues. The nozzle uses Fractora bipolar RF energy passing through the plurality of needle electrodes, located on two different disposable tips. For the treatment of upper and lower eyelids is normally used nozzle, consisting of 20 electrodes. The compact size of the nozzle-coating enable you to handle such a delicate area at a closest distance from the eye."

Do the procedure almost painless. However, immediately prior to the procedure to apply a local anesthetic (e.g. EMLA 5-18%) on clean skin for 30-60 minutes.

Also before the procedure the skin is cleaned and dried with 70% alcohol. It is necessary for better penetration of RF energy into the skin due to the increased electrical resistance on the skin surface.

Fractora nozzles are disposable and are only used in one procedure.

It should be borne in mind that sometimes during the procedure may be tingling, and as a result appear significant swelling and erythema, as well as point mini-depressions left by the electrodes and visible on the surface of the skin. Swelling can stay for 3 days. But should not be afraid: 5-7 days he needs to complete.

After visiting the cosmetologist also need to follow a certain algorithm of actions. Immediately after the procedure, followed by cooling the impact zone. After 12 hours you can start to moisturize the skin and continue during the entire course of treatment.

Although the first hardware results of the blepharoplasty will be visible after a few days, really appreciate all the charm of the technique in about 3-4 weeks after the procedure.
But then, almost four months, will continue the process of formation of new collagen. This means that you are defying the laws of nature will over time look better and better!


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