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Healthy smile and sex

Expert — dentist, aesthetics Gleb Baked — on why you need to choose a partner with a healthy mouth

For me, as a dentist, the situation is unambiguous: smile ugly — no sex. And it's not my "professional whim", not an emotional fetish, in the sense that unhealthy teeth are ugly and not sexy. Any person more or less versed in the fundamentals of biology, medicine, adheres to the same point of view. Let me explain. There are three types of the bacterium Streptococcus, which, settling in the oral cavity and lead to tooth decay. The greatest "contribution" to the destruction of the teeth makes the bacterium Streptococcus mutans (streptococcus mutans). It's very tropic bacteria. Therefore, so far not invented a vaccine against dental caries. Even if we introduce into the organism the bacterium is "half-dead", it is still embedded in the mucous membrane of the mouth, and enamel, and even in the myocardium, that is, in fact — in the heart! And there will be to demolish the heart muscle. Poor chimp, which conducted trials of vaccines against dental caries, has died of a heart attack. This microbe equally well in the mouth and in the heart muscle. And, if its concentration in the body will be increased, that is, roughly speaking, a person every second tooth is rotten, it absolutely is the risk of a heart attack. And after a heart attack, as we know, sex is very problematic, people who have had it, very carefully refers to various loads, including in bed.

Any bacteria that have settled and multiplied in the mouth, increases the General tension of the body that affects all organs and systems. And libido — both women and men. Bacteria penetrate even in the prostate, and it is, as a body, poorly equipped vessels, restrains them within yourself and allows you to easily multiply.

A very important fact — Streptococcus mutans will never be our "good neighbor." That is, it does not belong to the group of bacteria from the natural bacterial flora of the oral cavity. At some point people it infected. Most often, Streptococcus mutans transmitted from mother to child, for example, by kissing. And this process cannot be stopped. Dentists can not forbid mothers kiss babies. But an adult person should monitor the condition of their teeth, so as not to spread the bacteria further, for example, by kissing. If a loved one is not in order in your mouth — you need to persuade him to see a doctor. For his and their own benefit. Tooth decay the situation, as with herpes, which infected about 90 percent of the world's population. But someone affected by it, and someone doesn't notice the presence in the body. That is, there is an important question as to the number of bacteria that inhabit the body. If they are small — their body does not notice if a lot begins to suffer immune system in General. In General, the oral cavity is the most "dirty" part in the body. In addition to Streptococcus mutans there are other bacteria, most of them pathogenic. The immune system is constantly at war with them, and when she loses, begins to suffer the entire body. And the bacteria, in turn, out of control. In the end, the man gives the partner a passionate kiss, but a "set" of bacteria, many of which are much more aggressive Streptococcus mutans. Where there is good bacteria, not bad lives and viruses. And now, taken from somewhere in the body and herpes, and the virus Epstein-Barr, and others who are hearing only from the experts. Delicately say on the topic of oral sex. A man with an unhealthy oral cavity is a stable source of infection to women. The diagnosis of "thrush" will be in her medical records until, until you sanitized the mouth of her partner. Men in this sense a bit more luck. Woman tooth decay and other "set" of bacteria in the mouth will not bring a lot of urological problems, as well as the front hole in the penis of men small enough. But the same suffering experience both women and men with unpleasant mouth odor partner. What is full sex, if the man wants to turn away or flee aimlessly. Causes of foul smell can be a lot, but overall it is one of the inflammatory process either in the mouth or in the stomach or nasopharynx. The good news is today there are no unsolvable problems in dentistry. And if breath of the partner caused by dental problems, immediately take him to the doctor. If you love someone, you will always be correct and not offensive words that he will understand and will accept with gratitude.

If the family just created, it would be correct to make a General setup in which the teeth and mouth is always in order. It's actually very simple. Proper home dental care, regular professional hygiene in the dental office, healthy food, optimum physical activity, and of course — love.

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