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Guaranteed ways to beat enlarged pores

To narrow pores on the face, not necessarily to resort to violent means

On the contrary, the use of alcoholic tonics, excessive mechanical cleaning can only worsen the situation. The skin will become drier and will try to compensate for the lack of moisture increase the production of sebum.

That this did not happen, the skin should be cleaned regularly, but carefully. In the morning, evening and after exercise use gentle gels and foams, tonics without alcohol. This will keep the pores clean. Forget about moisturizing the skin is also impossible. As we have said, it will only exacerbate the problem.

Extra care-in advanced stages, we can recommend peels and masks with the prefix "cleansing" or "balancing". Their constituent enzymes, acid or clay will withdraw from the long part of skin fat and provide a light lifting effect, making the pores shrink.

By the way, to cause expansion of the pores can such a seemingly harmless blemish care, as the lack of sunscreen. Ultraviolet, unfortunately, destroys collagen fibers and elastin, causing the skin loses its elasticity and stretches. This increases the pore size.

skin care of the face, enlarged pores

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