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Teeth can be an indicator of age

They give years is not worse than the condition of the skin women

Teeth, like all other parts of the human body, prone to age changes. So, in most cases, with age teeth darken people. This happens for several reasons. First, because of the thinning of the upper layer of tooth enamel. From dense coverage over time, the enamel becomes a transparent "film", through which visible yellow, gray or even reddish dentin.

Second, the change of color of teeth affected by external factors. These include addiction to tea, coffee, Smoking and not enough thorough care of your teeth. Because of this, on the surface of teeth an unpleasant yellow tinge. The color of the teeth will help to correct professional cleaning, whitening or veneer usage.

Not about young age can testify, the small teeth length, statusisa for a life time. This leads to a change in the bite and even oval face. Fortunately, dentists have learned to cope with this by building teeth or veneers.

The absence of some teeth spoils the smile. This happens even if you have lost your back teeth. Because of gaps in the dentition of the remaining teeth change their position (increased interdental spaces, there is the curvature of the teeth). Therefore, we must resort to dentures.

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