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Long and fluffy eyelashes — what more can I wish

A few secrets to combat the look on the spot

Long and thick eyelashes have always been considered a decoration of the girl's eyes. Is when hard hairs are arranged in several rows along the edge of the century. Look beneath the black edge of the lash hits the spot romantic boys and men aged.

It is clear that the long, black, fluffy, thick eyelashes is achieved by using a decorative ink and the Curling iron. But not all the same life to be at the parade? Sometimes when a large layer of mascara and eye difficult to open. found how to make beautiful eyelashes.


Eyelashes need extra nutrition. A variety of masks, baths, compresses and lotions will help you with this. They will make your eyelashes much thicker and darker, will accelerate their growth.

Длинные и пушистые ресницы — о чем еще мечтать

Natural oils will bring пользу

Sea buckthorn, castor, rose, burdock and almond oil are suitable for eye care. For the application of oil wash bottle from the old mascara and take the brush is very convenient. Clean brush apply oil to the eyelashes before going to sleep, after 15 minutes, blot the excess with a cotton pad.


Eyelashes, like the whole body, need vitamins. Add in burdock oil, 5 drops of vitamins A and E. Apply twice a week. This will speed up the growth of hairs.

Длинные и пушистые ресницы — о чем еще мечтать

Vitamins are in each аптеке

Compresses with lawn

Summer is coming soon. Collect the flowers of chamomile, cornflower and sage, in equal proportions, brewed with boiling water — 200 gr. water on 2 tablespoons of flower — and insist a couple of hours.

Длинные и пушистые ресницы — о чем еще мечтать

Combine a walk with пользой

When the solution has cooled to room temperature, wetted it in cotton pads and place on eyes for 15 minutes. The procedure not only revitalize the cilia, but also to eliminate puffiness and bags under the eyes.


Black tea is able to make the color of the lashes more intense and dark, just apply to the eyes brewed with black tea bags. Another option that eyelashes are darker: mix castor oil with carrot fresh juice in equal quantities and apply on lashes.

Длинные и пушистые ресницы — о чем еще мечтать

Tea bag more пригодится


Don't skimp on the eyes. Hooray, we don't have to spit in the black bar compressed paint and scratching the eye with a brush of plastic.

Длинные и пушистые ресницы — о чем еще мечтать

Do not skimp on себе

Now there are an incredible number of firms and each has its own range of different mascaras. Depending on what you want, what effect, choose a bottle with the appropriate brush. His version can always be found.

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