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Eyebrows — the center of attention

Proper care of this part of the face has a positive effect on the perception of our image overall

Eyebrows — a kind of skeleton face. If they are not maintained and bowed low, his face looks dull. To avoid this effect, it's essential to regularly devote time to his eyebrows.

First and foremost, you need to take care about the optimal shape of the eyebrows. For this you will need tweezers. To save it is not necessary, because low-quality tweezers will not remove the fine hairs. He or not taking them, or breaks. In the end, the kind of eyebrows will be sloppy.

In your Arsenal should also include a brush for eyebrows, and tiny scissors. Scissors will be useful for those, whose hairs on the eyebrows quite long and hard to form a neat shape.

Stencils for eyebrows use undesirable. They do not take into account the specific structure of your face and lead to worse results than individual correction.

For daily eye makeup more convenient to use an eyebrow pencil or shadow, and then secure them with retaining gel. If time to spare, you can use colored mascara for eyebrows. It also will color the hairs and fix them.

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