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Again carnival: how to use oil care for yourself have gathered 5 of the miracle remedies that really work wonders

Moroccan argan oil from Huilargan (main photo)

About the beneficial properties of argan oil have you heard, perhaps, everything. It is considered one of the most valuable and rarest oils on earth. It is extracted from the fruit (nuts) of the argan tree which is found only in Morocco and only grows in certain parts of this country. The oil contains large amounts of vitamin E that provides effective protection against free radicals. Additionally it has a calming effect on the skin, reduces irritation and inflammation, is a very effective anti-allergic component, hydrates and nourishes. To use argan oil for hair though, at least for the face, even for nails. In the first case, the hair will instantly become shiny and well groomed. When skin care of the face and neck, you notice even a slight lifting effect (excluding active dampening), and nails cease to be brittle.

Опять масленица: как правильно использовать масла в уходе за собой

Photo: materials of press-services

Cream for hands and body Argan Oil from Compliment

Despite the useful properties of oils, some people just don't like their texture and the feeling on the skin. For such cases, can be natural oils to replace creams based on them. Cream for hands and body to Compliment Argan Oil from the argan essential oil and now, after a long winter. Because the skin during long months of cold weather and temperature changes was dry, so it needs constant hydration. Moreover, in parallel with the hydration cream does little to reduce facial wrinkles and actively fights the signs of premature aging.

Опять масленица: как правильно использовать масла в уходе за собой

Photo: materials of press-services

Hydrophilic cleansing oil ESSENTIAL CLEANSING OIL from the South Korean brand The Skin House

In the East always knew the right cleansing of your skin. Therefore, South Korean or Japanese brands offer a huge amount of funds for purification. And many of them are new to us. Well, for example how to wash with oil? However, after the first use of this tool you will fall in love with it for the long haul.

The purification process looks like a ritual. Oil is applied on dry skin, then you gently massage the skin, and then wash off with warm water. And so, with flushing oil suddenly turns into a white milk, which deeply cleanses pores and dissolves not only the most stubborn makeup, but also fat tube clogging pores, thereby preventing the appearance of blackheads. It is important after this step to clean the skin with your usual cleanser. It is thanks to the oils (and this means peacefully coexist olive oil, rosehip fruit oil, oil from sunflower seeds) skin not get too dry, but even the irritated skin instantly calms down.

Опять масленица: как правильно использовать масла в уходе за собой

Photo: materials of press-services

Cosmetic Bio-oil by Union Swiss

This tool is and does is worthy of the title of a real breakthrough in the beauty industry. Because Bio-oil is easy to cope with such skin imperfections like stretch marks, scars (scars), acne marks, pigmentation, dehydrated and Mature skin. And it is not only producers of the last year oil has passed clinical trials the most professional in the world of cosmetology of Russian specialists. The study involved 30 volunteers (both women and men): half of them had scars on the skin, and the other half striae (stretch marks). They are all within eight weeks of twice daily applied on the problem areas Bio-Oil. According to Dr. medical Sciences, head of the cosmetology Department at the Institute of plastic surgery and cosmetology (Epic) Anna Sten'ko, the results speak for themselves: "Bio-Oil contributes to the efficient healing of the skin, rapid restoration of its barrier properties and maintaining a sufficient level of moisture. Thus, create optimal conditions for skin regeneration with the formation of healthy tissue, and ensure the cosmetic effect of the correction of scars of different nature". By the way, in the role of independent star expert acted Anita Tsoi. "Every woman knows how important healthy, beautiful skin in order to feel beautiful. I can confirm in my experience that this is true: only when skin is healthy, you feel really good — both externally and internally, she commented. — Bio-Oil gives a real result, which can be seen by the naked eye, and therefore helps people to feel healthy and happy."

Опять масленица: как правильно использовать масла в уходе за собой

Photo: materials of press-services

Oil for growth of eyebrows and eyelashes from the Russian brand "Kamali"

Part of this means of usemy oil, macadamia oil, castor oil, avocado oil, rosemary extract, nettle extract, sea buckthorn extract and chamomile extract. Results of application you will notice pretty soon. And will go to growth not only eyelashes, but eyebrows (given that you also need to make).

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