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Makeup lips with the effect of piercing the trend this spring

Makeup artists suggest to learn a new trick to make the effect of the piercing lips without pain or punctures

To draw an earring on the lower lip, you will need two shades of lipstick. The first is pretty standard: fuchsia, red, cherry or something like that. The second should be with the basic contrast combination.

For example, the color of the stripes on the lip can have the same skin tone, or overlap with the color of eye makeup. A particularly bold paint that part green, yellow or blue color, add sequins to it.

Макияж губ с эффектом пирсинга — тренд этой весны

Makeup lip piercing effect you will need two shades помады

With this makeup it is best not to neglect the lips. The graphic should be shown everywhere: in the flatness of strips simulating the shackle, and a clear outline of the lips.

In combination with expressive make-up the rest of the individuals (it may include mother of pearl, semernya texture, rhinestone, painted skin), this way the lip can be a great choice for theme parties. Imitation earrings, combined with simple techniques of eye makeup and eyebrows, perfect for socks and more casual situations.

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