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5 folk remedies to remove dark circles under eyes

To regain their fresh appearance after a sleepless night will help grandma's secrets

Well, "walked" at the party, ate too much harmful for the night, went to bed late — the reasons of occurrence of bruises in the morning under the eyes of the mass. But do not get upset, just 20-30 minutes of simple manipulations, and coming back fresh. And help us in this grandmother's recipes, products and items that are in almost every home.

Secret # 1

Put in the freezer two metal teaspoons and leave them there for 10-15 minutes. Then pull and attach to the eyes. When Cutlery becomes warm, cool it down again. Repeat manipulation to achieve results.

Secret # 2

If you have cucumber, fine. Its juice tones and brightens the skin, eliminates puffiness and fatigue. Place slices of cucumber on the eyes and under them and lie down and relax for a few minutes.

Secret # 3

This recipe requires some preparation in advance. In different packages for freezing ice pour a decoction of herbs, green tea, 1% milk and boiled water and send it all in the freezer. The next morning you'll be grateful to yourself for foresight — ice helps with swelling not only the eyes but the entire face.

Secret # 4

Work on the contrast. Prepare a decoction of lemon balm or sage and leave it for half an hour. Filter and divide the resulting liquid into two equal portions. One half is cool, second heat. Attach the eyes with cotton pads soaked alternately in hot and cold infusion.

Secret number 5

Drank the morning tea — do not throw away the bag. And green and black tea is also good with black circles under the eyes, relieve swelling, swelling.

recipes dark circles under eyes

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