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Rules makeup for women with glasses will teach how to make expressive eyes under his glasses

Sunglasses often make the eyes visually smaller. It is known to all and, wherever possible, try to compensate for bright eye makeup. In this case, working hands. They emphasize the lash line and, if necessary, extend it. To avoid the effect of raised, tender eyelid, use eyeliner and pencils cool colors.

But from a thick layer of mascara on the eyelashes should be abandoned. From taps to the rim of the mascara will flake off and ruin you the whole way. Therefore, paint lashes to a minimum, and preferably resistant mascara.

Resistant to external influences must be and shade. To feel confident to apply them on a special base. Base coat should be used and under the skin, as in contact with the rim it tends to wear off.

Do not neglect the makeup eyebrow. To the eyebrows in harmony with the frame, paint them, being already in the glasses. The more spectacular the setting, the brighter must be the eyebrows.

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