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Learn to choose a matte lipstick

The lack of a glossy Shine is not a guarantee of success

To matte lipstick has disappointed, her choice should be approached seriously. First and foremost, pay attention to the lipstick tube. It needs to be tight and smooth, without distortion and sagging. This indicates that the production comply with the technology.

Then use a pilot to test the lipstick. When applied to lips, the lipstick should not cause a feeling of dryness and tightness, also she shouldn't have to hide in cracks. This problem is quite common, because in order to create a product, moisturizing the lips, but has no Shine, require pretty expensive ingredients.

Shade matte lipstick, you cannot pick up in a hurry. Matte lips attract the eye, so their color must suit your complexion. Before you pay money to try a few shades and choose the one that best accentuates your appearance.

One more thing: the eye makeup when you use a matte lipstick for the lips should be moderate, to not too geeky.

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