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The light in acne: how to defeat black dots tells why rashes appear on the skin and recommends the best beauty tools to deal with them

Beautiful skin without rash — the dream of every girl. But, according to statistics, acne overtakes 80% of the women. Not so long ago it was thought that this problem is incurable. Because doctors and therapists were trying to find a single wonder drug that once would have coped with the task. While the fight with acne it is necessary to comprehensively. tell what tools you prefer to defeat blackheads and pimples.

Tea tree to help

In order to effectively fight acne, one must understand what it for a misfortune such. So acne is the excessive secretion of sebum. Sebum plays an important role — it is a breeding ground for the existence of the particular nutritious microorganisms. As soon as the sebaceous glands begin to work vigorously, sebum does not have time to ripen to the desired condition. This immediately changes the conditions of our microorganisms. From which raises a whole tangle of problems. So first of all it is necessary to regulate the secretion of this sebum — remedies for acne necessarily include such components.

For example, a cleanser with egg white extract EGG PORE CORSET FOAM South Korean brand The SKIN HOUSE, in addition to the egg extract, contains tea tree extract that regulates the sebaceous glands.

Свет в акне: как победить черные точки

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Part of that means — Aloe Vera extract (soothes and moisturizes the skin), witch hazel (soothes and refreshes), Centella asiatica (nourishes), spirulina (takes out skin impurities and traces of heavy metals contained in atmospheric dust). The result of this cleansing foam, the skin is cleansed from within, smoothed, becomes matte and clean as porcelain. Just look at Eastern women with their perfect skin, to understand that their beauty means deserve to pay them particularly close attention.

Struggling with traffic

The next point to keep in mind. When the sebaceous glands start to secrete a lot of sebum, it creates on the skin a kind of tube. And the skin to protect itself, forms a seal — keratosis. It still further clog the exit from the sebaceous glands creates the opportunity for the formation and reproduction of bacteria. Therefore, treatment for acne it is obligatory to fill the so-called keratolytic that "clean" Ceratonia areas. Classic keratolytic is salicylic acid. Early cosmetologists of the old school have offered to wipe the face with a salicylic alcohol is just cleaned komatosnye areas and help skin fat safely poured out on the surface of the skin.

Now there are special products that contain this ingredient. So, daily cleansing tonic against black dots from AVON with salicylic acid promises guaranteed results in a week.

Свет в акне: как победить черные точки

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It was noted during the study, sixty people. If black spots and rashes will not disappear completely (we remember that the treatment should be integrated), in any case, the skin becomes more clean.

Also in AVON is in the line of good remedy against black dots 3 in 1 with white clay in the composition.

Свет в акне: как победить черные точки

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Its convenience is that you can use as a cleanser (every morning and evening, apply on damp skin, then wash off with water) and a scrub (you can also use daily, but massage the skin in circular motions) and as (2-3 times a week evenly on face, wait 3 minutes and rinse with water).

A powerful Duo

Well, at least once a week to make a special mud mask that perfectly regulate sebum. The brand CAOLION has an unusual Duo Hot & Cool Pore Duo Pack: one set sold two masks that complement each other.

Свет в акне: как победить черные точки

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First, apply a Warming mask to cleanse the pores. Dark in color (it contains including coal dust and volcanic ash), this tool has a depairing effect due to what is deep pore cleansing. Next is the turn of Original masks for pore cleansing that completes the action first. It closes the pores, and instantly refreshes and calms the skin, tightens and tones, smoothing the complexion.

Give the skin coal!

The brand will Compliment® this spring there was a whole series of care products for problem skin and body with No Problem with Activated charcoal, White clay and silver Ions.

Свет в акне: как победить черные точки

materials of press-services

Powder for the face No Problem ideal for oily and combination skin gently removes impurities and gives skin a velvety matte finish, contributes to the narrowing and pore cleansing. Silver ions have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that reduces skin redness and inflammation. Salicylic acid dries out acne, prevents the formation of blackheads and blockages. Fast-mat complex™ instantly makes the skin matte, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, reducing excessive sebum production. It can be used every day. And once or twice a week mandatory Mask for the face No Problem with BLACK MASK on the basis of activated carbon. It is the charcoal gently absorbs impurities and toxins, cleansing the pores and removing excess oil and dirt, eliminate grease tube, removes dead skin cells. Zinc PCA and silver ions have strong antibacterial action, normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands, preventing the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

For those who have rashes including the back, shoulders, chest, to help the Gel No Problem. In its composition — the same activated carbon, which absorbs and removes dirt and toxins, reduce sebum production, and salicylic acid, with its excellent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and drying properties.

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