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The trend in "naked eye" is gaining popularity

Now to go outside with no makeup on the eyes — not bad

More recently, the girls refused to take out the garbage without full war paint: Smokey eyes but thicker, and a couple of layers of mascara to the eyelashes. But now replaced by a deliberately exaggerated eyes comes another trend called "naked eye".

This makeup is different moderate use of makeup, or even its complete absence. As a result, the eyelids should look clean, and look to be open.

To achieve the goal, many stars use the light pearl shade, which is a thin layer applied to the inner corner of the eye. All the rest of the lid remains free from cosmetics.

Mascara is acceptable. Choose from their Arsenal one that makes lashes lush, not gluing them together. Delicately made eyelash extensions does not hurt.

Тренд на «голые глаза» набирает популярность

The "naked" eye makeup can be supplemented with a lip gloss or a bright pomagajte:

Skin tone in this makeup should be smooth and shining, but not lie on a face mask. So for everyday use perfect BB or CC cream.

Lip paint in accordance to their preferences or depending on where you are going to go. In combination with the "naked eyes" would look good as the makeup of the lips with a light gloss, and with bright red lipstick.

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