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Beautiful eyes: why do I get dark circles and how to remove them

Expert beauty and health, business woman and beauty blogger Julia Engel shared with WomanHit tips on how to acquire radiant look

The causes of dark circles under the eyes can be many. If this phenomenon is long and pronounced, it may be a sign of kidney disease, the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, pancreas. But also on other factors the skin under the eyes will respond quickly. Initially this is due to its special structure, the number of layers of the epidermis are much smaller, few sebaceous glands, a small number of elastin and collagen fibers. This structure has slower circulation of blood and its stagnation in the area.

Dark circles can be due to eye strain and General fatigue, lack of sleep, poor diet and bad habits. The lack of fresh air, long the sun, dehydration, stress, and even a simple stuffy nose can also be the cause of dark spots.

Cosmetology offers hardware and injection methods of eliminating dark circles. Hardware stimulate blood circulation, improve the outflow, increase the lymphatic drainage. This massage apparatus, microcurrent therapy, iontophoresis. Of injection methods is biorevitalization, contouring, mesotherapy. Sometimes recommend the introduction of carbon monoxide, which brightens and strengthens the skin.

Blepharoplasty — this is cosmetic surgery, one of the indications for which are dark circles and bags under the eyes.

I still think that a thin stretchable skin should be protected and carefully looked after, not to resort to drastic methods. Regularly use anti-age remedy for under eye hydrogen patches. Thin gel patches are not only able to remove the dark circles. Is available professional cell care. The hydrogen removes the cause of skin aging — oxidants — and turns them into water inside the cell, and this powerful hydration. Molecular hydrogen is the therapeutic effect of all our funds. In addition, he, as the needle drags along other components of the gel, and they improve the outflow of fluid and elasticity of the skin, lighten it and smooth wrinkles.

I think that a good skin care around the eyes and concern about their own health and emotional state — the best prevention of dark circles and other troubles.

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