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Right eyebrow — to each their own

It is not necessary to draw his eyebrows, "like everyone else". It is better to make them individual

The fashion for eyebrows has managed to bore many women. First, we furiously plucked hairs, transforming your eyebrows into thin strings. Then diligently portrayed the bend, and then began to grow Brezhnev tabernacles. Someone well-looked result of the first experiment, someone more suitable for second or third. But I tried everything.

If you do not want to depend on fashion trends, try to find their individual form of the eyebrows. For this study his face. Determine what effect you want to achieve with the shape of the eyebrows to make the eyes look more open or, conversely, to give the expression of drama.

Then try to simulate eyebrows with three main lines. The inner edge of the eyebrow should start directly above the wing of the nose, the highest part of the eyebrow and its outer end should be applied so that they can be to spend straight lines to the same wing of the nose. Don't rush to pull out the excess. Outline the future shape of the eyebrows using a light pencil and decide whether it suits you. The stencils should not use.

Do not dye your hair in color, very different from the color of the hair on the head. Eyebrows should be a tone darker (for blondes) or lighter (for brunettes) hair.


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