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What to choose — microbleeding or tattoo.

The method you choose long-lasting eyebrows

Permanent makeup is the introduction of the skin pigment using microprotol. He was able to meet you for many Russians. He helped to create the illusion of lush vegetation over the centuries and freed from the regular need to model the shape of the eyebrows, and staining.

With microbleeding is more complicated. He appeared in our country later tattoo and have not had time to earn reputation.

Originally microbleeding was conceived as an affordable alternative to tattooing. Its meaning also lies in making pigment in the skin, but in this case does not require expensive equipment (tattoo machine). In the skin are not punctures, and incisions that need to simulate hair. It uses a special blade. Then the incision is placed in the dye.

At successful coincidence of circumstances, the client gets "painted" on the hair, complementing the natural vegetation of the eyebrows. But it doesn't always happen. The problem is that after the slits appear on the skin of the scars, which are often subject to inflammation. Because of this, the paint may be unevenly distributed. In the end, the eyebrow will be colored: somewhere brighter, somewhere lighter.

To correct microbleeding impossible. Such a procedure is permissible only once in a lifetime. If the result is unsatisfactory, the pigment will have to withdraw with a laser and then do the tattoo.

Another unfortunate consequence of microbleeding — hair loss own hair, triggered by damage to the hair follicles.

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