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Raise, eyebrows, thick and beautiful

Invented by injection, enhance the growth of eyebrows

Composition, which estheticians offer the girls work hard in the area of eyebrows, completely natural and does not cause allergies. It is a drug from the blood. Before the procedure, a person is taken blood from a vein, it is the plasma and platelets, and voila! — a cure for the rare eyebrows done!

After a course of injections with a length of 2-4 months, the density of eyebrows increased. On average, hairs becomes about 30% more. But this method is only suitable for those who have in the area of the eyebrows there are hair follicles, but for some reason they are not active enough (e.g., due to frequent plucking). Those who initially had thin and liquid eyebrow method will not help.

The preparations of human blood is not the first time used to enhance hair growth. Injections with platelet and plasma are used to combat hair loss on the head.

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