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Oil skin... spoil

Japanese scientists warn about the harm that can cause the skin natural oils

Doctor of science and doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist Kazumi Toyama believes that despite the wide range of skin problems which can be resolved by natural oil (dry skin, rashes, dull complexion, increased oiliness of skin, and so on), very often it can harm.

Oil to perform their tasks and did not produce side effects in its pure form it cannot be applied to the skin more than half a minute. Massage your face with fingertips soaked in oil, and then wash. This will clean the skin from dirt, moisturize and nourish it.

Leaving the oil on the face for a few hours or even overnight, you risk getting the opposite effect. Dissolving dirt and excess sebum, oil will be accepted for the dissolution of the lipid barrier, which is highly undesirable. This barrier protects the skin from external influences, and its loss threatens to dryness and increased skin sensitivity.

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