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To make the eyebrows thick, you can use wig

Popular false eyebrows that help create the illusion of lush vegetation, even those who have hair in this part of the face is almost there

What has not come up with cosmetic companies, beauticians, and pharmacists, to make our eyebrows thicker. There are color pencils and ink, strengthening gels for eyebrows, the extensions are artificial hairs, and the injection, stimulating hair growth.

Recently it became known about one more way to get beautiful eyebrows. This time, we propose to use a wig for this part of the face. False eyebrows have a sticky base and can be attached on bare skin, and the native hairs. This procedure takes only a few minutes and is not complicated.

Сделать брови густыми можно при помощи парика

Here is the invoice, profifoto: Lange

But visually false eyebrows don't always look natural. They are available in only one form and can not be combined with your facial features. In addition, the color selection of wigs is limited.

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