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Rescue operation: beauty means for those who returned in the winter from hot countries

Операция по спасению: бьюти-средства для тех, кто вернулся в зиму из жарких стран

If you spent the winter holidays under the warm sun, then these tips beauty Department for youReturning from vacation, you find 500 emails in the mailbox, a layer of dust on the bookshelves and the absolute unwillingness of the child's bag for school. But there are still several things that you have to do is to soothe the skin and hair, emerging from solar stress, relieve typed a few pounds and try to extend their summer

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If you are a little over 40: make the perfect eyebrow

Если вам немного за 40: делаем идеальные брови

Every age group has its own characteristics of makeup. tell how to become younger with a few strokesBeautiful eyebrows — the basis for perfect makeup face. Using the correction form, you can change the proportions of the face, to draw attention to the eyes. Every age group has its own characteristics of the make-up and women after 40 it's especially important to care for your eyebrows and to follow their changes. If done properly, your eyebrows will help you look years younger

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How to apply the cream to make it work

Как правильно наносить крем, чтобы он работал

Many of us acquire the means to care for face, but then find that it does not work. tell why this is happening and how to fix the situationFace cream is one of the necessary means to care for skin. The cream nourishes the skin, restoring lost moisture, smoothes wrinkles. Depending on skin type you can choose the cream that suits you. For oily skin, a good solution would be a mattifying cream for dry nutritious. All depends on the individual needs of the skin

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5 tricks to care for themselves

5 хитростей по уходу за собой

Applying them, you will look flawless, not spendQuirk # 1If you want to achieve smooth and radiant skin, use bakingam is a special technique in makeup that will help to remove dark circles under the eyes. The secret is that the powder is applied with a damp sponge. However, we can save and replace a translucent powder to baby powder. The effect is the same.Expensive powder replace присыпкойpixabay

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And in the morning they woke up: beauty remedies that work overnight

А поутру они проснулись: бьюти-средства, которые работают ночью made his top 3 products that need to be applied before bedtimeIs it possible to fall asleep and Wake up in the morning pretty prettier? . Because the night is the best time for regeneration of skin cells. We only need to choose the right beauty remedies that work while you sleep. have gathered for you the best of them.Night concentrated serum with vitamin A capsules Potent Vit

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Time ago: the best anti-age means with hyaluronic acid

Время, назад: лучшие anti-age средства с гиалуроновой кислотой made his top 3 anti-aging cosmeticsBeauticians there are 9 of the best components of anti-aging cosmetics: — hyaluronic acid; — peptides; — AHA; — retinoids; — vitamins a, C and E; — seaweed; — collagen.In the first place, as we have seen, it is the hyaluronic acid. Beauty Department have otomobil for you several means gialuronka in the composition.Cream ultra lifting Dr

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If you are a little over twenty: beauty tools for young

Если вам немного за двадцать: бьюти-средства для юных — about the main rules of skin care 20+At age twenty you have the face that gave you the nature, in the thirty — one that you made yourself, well, for forty years a woman gets the face she deserves. This famous phrase Coco Chanel could not be better reflects the essence of the problem that concerns each of us, regardless of age. We desperately don't want to grow old. WomanHit

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Even sweeter: 3 great beauty products for sensitive skin

Еще нежнее: 3 отличных бьюти-средства для чувствительной кожи

During winter, our skin requires special attention. Special attention to sensitive skin. picked up a few products that will help you get through this periodRestoring mask with aloe Vera CREAMPhoto: materials of press-servicesThe beneficial properties of aloe Vera are known since ancient times. It is known that it soothes and moisturizes the skin. So if you feel tightness and soreness, then try at least once a week to make masks with this component

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I'm not afraid of injections: what can mesotherapy

Я уколов не боюсь: на что способна мезотерапия

At first glance, the procedure can be intimidating, but worth it to see the effect, and all those concerns go by the wayside. along with a expert cosmetologist to talk about the "beauty shots"For more than fifty years in cosmetology, there are such treatments as mesotherapy. Its beauty is that it helps fight skin problems without a scalpel of the plastic surgeon. And you can start at a young age — depending on the problem

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Hair accessories in retro style, coloured ink and green nail polishes

Аксессуары для волос в стиле ретро, цветная тушь и зеленые лаки для ногтей

Study beauty trends that we offer makeup artists from the past fashion weeksPeacock FeathersInk unusual flowers almost every year, firmly grounded in the spring and summer makeup collections, but this time she lingered right up to the end of autumn. So, if you want to use it in your way and not look tacky, choose dark tones (sapphire, purple or turquoise) and apply the second layer on black mascara.Retro hairstyles, actualitte: Instagram

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