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Forever yours: how to properly care for the skin around the eyes

На веки ваши: как правильно ухаживать за кожей вокруг глаз have collected the best beauty tools for this sensitive areaEyelid skin in its very structure is different from the rest of the skin on the face. It's somewhere in 4-5 times thinner than on the face, and more prone to stretching. The reason is simple: there is almost no fat layer, which performs the important function of a frame support. Well, there are very few sebaceous glands, leading to dryness and early wrinkle formation

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Looking to the future: 4 reason to think about non-surgical blepharoplasty

Взгляд в будущее: 4 повода задуматься о безоперационной блефаропластике

To get rid of wrinkles, puffiness and drooping eyelids, not necessarily to go under the surgeon's knifeThe eyes are the mirror of the soul. But, alas, the time, and not always the correct way of life is not the best way affect this sensitive area of skin covered with network of wrinkles under eyes there are bags or dark circles and the eyelids hang. If you have any of these problems, there is reason to think about blepharoplasty

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5 ways to make teeth whiter without whitening

5 способов сделать зубы белее, не прибегая к отбеливанию

Tigran Grigoryan, a dentist of General practice, warns: people tend to snow-white smile, absolutely not thinking about what consequences it may leadTeeth whitening is one of the most harmful dental procedures. White smile — the dream of millions, but by nature, most teeth have a yellowish tint: someone is more pronounced, some less. Why people seek care in the dental clinic or do home teeth whitening, absolutely not thinking about what consequences may result from this procedure

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Awards for the creators of beauty: from stylists to plastic surgeons

Награды для создателей красоты: от стилистов до пластических хирургов

November 12 was held the annual presentation of the V all-Russian award "Crystal Lotus", which brought together all the Russian beauty industryThis event was awaited with impatience, and the event, as always, was held in Grand style. More than 400 guests, elegant location in the center of Moscow, media guests and key speakers.Positive attitude for the evening was created by leading — VJ MTV Russia Alexander and actress Catherine Direktorenko

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Sun-kissed: 5 masks of freckles

Поцелованные солнцем: 5 масок от веснушек

The most effective whitening products version WomanHit.ruFor someone freckles is a distinctive feature and a source of pride. But there are people who pigmentation interferes with life, and they want to get rid of the blemishes or make them less noticeable. We have gathered for you several recipes of masks from freckles for different skin types, you can easily prepare them at home

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My only rejuvenate becomes personal

Единственная моя: омоложение становится персональным

Cosmetologists have decided to go the way of individualization, adjusting your face taking into account its featuresThe nose — like amber heard, eyes of Scarlett Johansson, Emily Ratajkowski lips and forehead, Kate moss — so says a famous English plastic surgeon Julian de Silva, looks perfect face. Often women come to specialists, armed with these "instructions" with the requirement to make them "perfect face". But not the fact that the lips "like Angelina Jolie" will decorate your face

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How to help your skin and hair survive the cold season

Как помочь коже и волосам пережить отопительный сезон find out what you can do to make the house air was not so dry, and our appearance is less sufferedThe dry air in our homes leads to the fact that the skin begins to peel, blush, fine wrinkles appear. Comfort is the humidity of about 40-65 percent. It is best for the heating period to put in an apartment humidifier or air washer. And as often as possible at home wet cleaning. If you dreamed about fish, it's time to start

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When beauty demands victims: beauty secrets our grandmothers

Когда красота требовала жертв: бьюти-секреты наших прабабушек made an excursion into the past and find out how to care for a lady in the nineteenth centuryIn modern world cosmetics are represented in abundance, the range is so wide that the choice can be done for hours. Girls from time immemorial have wanted to look good, and nowadays there are a great many ways to maintain the natural beauty

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5 secrets of healthy teeth

5 секретов здоровых зубов

Dentists pay attention to detailSecret # 1Not brush your teeth immediately after eating, wait about half an hour. The fact that the food violates the mouth acid-base balance, making the enamel softer. Therefore, it is easy to damage.Care вовремяpixabay.comSecret # 2Swimming in the pool, keep your mouth closed. The chemicals commonly used for disinfection of water, destroy the teeth

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How to determine your color type

Как самостоятельно определить свой цветотип

Expert stylist-image-maker Anna Belsky, gives a simple guide to identify the shades that suit youSo, go to the main point. Like all of color theory, which I wrote in my previous articles, go to practice? How to apply all the knowledge that you already have, and make a variety of things in stores conscious and not emotional? How to decorate yourself with things and not keep them in the closet with tags? I will tell you that this is the final article in a series of "Color"

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