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Bright transformation - using the actual make-up

Яркие преображения — с помощью актуального макияжа

It's amazing how quickly cheer up new reticulation shadow, neat lipstick or elegant powder box with cherished monogram favorite brand... And what wonders they can create a common way! October is the perfect time to fully enjoy all the news of beauty industry and to decide on the unexpected and bold experiments. WomanHit offers three topical option makeup, just need to recreate this fall

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Facials: turn back time

Уход за лицом: поворачиваем время вспять

The cherished dream of every girl - universal cosmetic product, erase visible and future imperfections. Lay aside talk that there is no panacea: cream, thanks to which that Bulgakov ' s Margarita changed for a few moments, it seems you have already created a brand 3LAB. A revolutionary instrument has a proud and concise name - Super Cream

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Help your skin updated

Помогите своей коже обновиться

To have a new need to get rid of the old - this principle works perfectly and in cosmetology. Therefore, the quality, the correct exfoliant will face the best assistant

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Restoring the skin biorhythms

Восстанавливаем биоритмы кожи

Life of the modern woman is hard to call measured. There is hardly a man is able to successfully combine career, care of children and the family and to find time for fitness and beauty shop, because it is necessary to look your best. Of course, punctures have happen - we can easily forget or have no time to apply the desired serum in the morning before leaving the house or on the Saturday before bedtime

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Payot: Russian roots of the legendary brand

Payot: русские корни легендарного бренда

The history of the world famous brand is inseparably linked with its founder - Nadia Пайо. Not distinguished by outstanding external data, «small dock» carried a light, love and kindness. Her knowledge of altruism, desire to make people happier helped open the world one more simple truth. Beauty is a state of mind

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