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Will shaving: best beauty tools for the daily ritual of men

Будем брить: лучшие бьюти-средства для ежедневного ритуала мужчин know what to give to your companionShaving is a daily ritual for any man. However, some of our men, Goosey, still manage to cut during this seemingly simple morning procedures. We know what to do to make this process go smoothly.Of course, you first need to choose the right razor. Commonplace, but for some reason, some representatives of the strong half of mankind still ignore this item. For perfect sliding fit the Gillette Fusion Proglide with the thin blades

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Plastic surgery: for and against

Пластическая хирургия: за и против

Especially for plastic surgeon Zarina of Abregov explains why you should not fear surgery and how to avoid becoming anyone's "clone"Natural beauty is one of the most valuable gifts that can be given person, especially a woman. But still a lot of people who are not satisfied with their appearance. And here can come the latest technology for aesthetic medicine, particularly plastic surgery. Of course, the latter's importance in the modern world cannot be overestimated

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Why do I need braces

Зачем нужны брекеты

Now almost every second goes with the braces, even Hollywood stars. Why do we need these structures and why they are so expensive, we understand with orthodontist Diana KivaRemember the picture from a textbook on biology, which is drawn by ancient man. Its main distinguishing feature from modern, which immediately catches the eye, a massive, protruding jaw. They were needed for chewing food, cooked on fire. Modern man was no good, because we already have 1000 and 1 way of cooking

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What are peptides and why are they needed

Что такое пептиды и зачем они нужны — about beauty products and have a powerful rejuvenating effectTo stop the running of time is impossible, but a bit slow it can be. That is what long years of struggling scientists around the world. In the 70-ies of the last century on the basis of the Military medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov, developed the concept of peptide Bioregulation, according to which age-related decline in protein synthesis can be restored with the aid of signal peptides

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5 secrets matte lipstick

Tell how not to be mistaken with color and avoid lip drynessMatte lipstick stays on peak of popularity than one season. This is not surprising: a velvety, persistent, comfortable, thick — it makes any lip makeup impressive and finished without the use of contour pencil.Five secrets matte lipstick said the expert of cosmetic brand STILL Faith andruhina.Secret 1The secret to a flawless matte finish — prepared surface of the lips

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Closer to nature: no chemicals

Ближе к природе: никакой химии have collected the best beauty remedies with natural ingredientsIn the summer when the face is especially prone to sweating, and dryness, many cosmetologists recommend to wash several times a day means with a thick foam that easily removes impurities. Air foam with grapefruit and coriander from Botavikos gently cleanse the skin, soothe the hot sunshine, gives tone and elasticity

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5 ways to use ordinary starch

5 способов использования обычного крахмала

It is a universal tool of the kitchenMethod # 1I cut my finger? Baby got scratch? Sprinkle the wound with starch and a couple of seconds, the bleeding stops. Also acts as a soap.Treats ранкиpixabay.comMethod # 2 During a cold make a solution to rinse the starch based. Half a teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water, add three drops of iodine. Use three times a day.Will save long ангинеpixabay

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Red lips, blush and curls in the style of the eighties

Красные губы, румяна и кудри в стиле восьмидесятых

Study the images, which offer us the makeup artists from the past fashion weeks demonstrated trends of coming summerWill pokracujemeRed lipstick is a timeless classic: the lips of models consistently red after a cold winter, and the fall are the Burgundy. This season in the trend transparent make-up to contrast with the bright lips. And lipstick can be absolutely any: glossy, frosted, blackout or translucent. The choice is yours!Be sure to use a blush in macereto: Instagram

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What hurt the teeth and gums

От чего болят зубы и десны

The causes of the problems can be very different. From a bad environment and genetic predisposition to stomach acidity. But often it all comes down to improper care. Dentist Tigran Grigoryan shares the secrets of maintaining the beauty of your smileTo clean teeth properly is an artMost patients do not know how to properly use the brush and clean the teeth. Many brush their teeth without touching the gums, thereby cleaning out the infection is from the circular ligament of the tooth (i.e

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Life hack: how to keep your skin matte in the summer

Лайфхак: как сохранить кожу матовой летом

Let's see how to achieve that in the heat and look perfectThe sun is shining, birds are singing, green leaves on the trees, shiny surface of rivers and lakes... And the face also shines, because summer is in full swing. And if in the cold season makeup held steady until the evening, now treacherously drains after a few hours. But don't wait for winter?It is pointless to require of the skin to produced less fat

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