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Best beauty-novelties June

Лучшие beauty-новинки июня

Perfect skin for a couple of seconds, sweet and salty perfume and shadow fashion emerald hues fashion editor and beauty Svetlana Ivanova chose to readers WomanHit the most interesting novelties of the month

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Master class: gymnastics for the face

Мастер-класс: гимнастика для лица

Great Estee Lauder said, «you Can buy a new dress, but a new face can't be bought!» Personal trainer Eugene Mazur offers a set of exercises that work well on the muscles and skin of the face, returning tone and youth

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What is the secret of youth Kate Winslet?

В чем секрет молодости Кейт Уинслет?

There are Actresses who get older they become only more beautiful. Kate Winslet explicitly refers to this rare breed. For comparison remember one of her first roles in the disney fairy tale «the First knight at the court of king Arthur», where she played the Princess Sarah, and his work in the film «the Reader». In the first film Winslet is only twenty years old, and in the second, thirty-three years, but it looks much better. Well, let us try to unravel the secret of Kate

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Demi Moore presented the personal collection of cosmetics

Деми Мур представила именную коллекцию косметики

Hollywood actress turned into the little Red riding hood to present a premium collection of lipsticks and nail Polish «demi» the company «Oriflame». Line became the continuation of the fairy tale with кинодивой in the title role. Earlier, the actress has already appeared in the images of brilliant Cinderella and charming snow white

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What part of a person grows old first?

Какая часть лица стареет первой?

Over the years, our person is subject to change, but they occur unevenly. Today we will talk about how to improve the look of the middle third of the face and lower eyelids, because it was they who first issue of our age

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Lactic acid is salvation for any skin

Молочная кислота - спасение для любой кожи

Even those who hadn't loved milk as adults, certainly will not give up from cosmetic products on its basis. More precisely, from the funds with lactic acid. Because there is no more delicate solve many of the problems with the skin

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Teach your skin recover

Научите вашу кожу восстанавливаться

Is it possible to connect a rare Japanese silk Koishimaru and Sakura? Scientists company Sensai managed to do it in a unique spring novelty - Ultimate cream The Cream

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