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Four rules winter makeup

Четыре правила зимнего макияжа

Before spring is coming soon, but winter is usually not too quickly losing ground. So while you should stick to the rules of make-up, followed by the make-up it in the winter. The main rules of the winter makeup. Photo: Fotolia/PhotoXPress.EN. - No red and Burgundy. Try as little as possible to use cosmetics these colors. In winter our skin due to frost and so acquires a reddish tint, and red lipstick can easily "kill" your image

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Olivia Wilde: simplicity and femininity

Оливия Уайлд: простота и женственность

The correct facial features, expressive appearance, luxurious hair let that star in everyday life to do without makeup. And even for social events she chooses not bright and natural colors, which emphasize her dazzling smile and a mischievous twinkle green eyes. In a word, Olivia Wilde, who played the lead role in the new film "Resurrection", is beautiful in its naturalness. Olivia Wilde. Photo: AP Images. Place: new York award in the field of fashion CFDA-2014

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Properly care for skin in winter

Правильно ухаживайте за кожей зимой

During cold weather the skin is experiencing the double burden of low temperatures on the outside and dry air indoors. WomanHit gives practical advice that will help to protect it. Winter skin needs special care. Photo: In winter, the skin is experiencing a double burden: on the street it is exposed to the damaging effects of low temperatures, in areas suffer from low humidity. Taking a shower, do not include very hot water

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What are the dangers of tattooing?

Чем опасен татуаж?

The procedure of permanent makeup is becoming more popular among the ladies. However, experts warn that it is not as harmless as it may seem. The procedure of tattooing is becoming more popular. Photo: Fotolia/PhotoXPress.EN. Recently, tattooing has become very popular in beauty salons. It would seem, drew once black eyebrows and red lips - and live quietly. However, doctors recommend this procedure only to hide the real defects of appearance

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"Beauty shots": to catch up to the New year

«Уколы красоты»: успеть до Нового года

Every woman wants to look attractive during the holidays. For those who want to wave a magic wand to erase the traces of time, there is a way out - "beauty injections" "Beauty shots" allow you to get instant results. Photo: What kind of modern anti-aging programs should choose and why? We will try to understand. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions related to the "beauty injections", and tried to give clear answers

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Master class: rules for choosing the perfect mascara

Мастер-класс: правила выбора идеальной туши

Thousands of women can easily do without shadow, lipstick and blush, and none of them is able to refuse the mascara! Even with minimal makeup on the face we can't afford to get out of the house with "bald" eyes. The ink is in all of us! From that, how good it is, largely depends on the expressiveness of the eyes. This tool makeup choose carefully. Choose the perfect mascara. Photo:

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"Time for 30 days: holiday beauty calendar

«Успеть за 30 дней»: праздничный бьюти-календарь

New year's eve - the most important holiday of the year when you want to look not just beautiful, and flawless. And it is necessary to prepare in advance. We have prepared for you a special "schedule of beauty". "Time for 30 days": preparing for the New year. Photo: Before the New monthWhat can you do?Hair removal. The final result of this procedure is formed within months: during this period fall out all the hairs and the skin has time to recover

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Master class: how to wear makeup in order to look young

Мастер-класс: как краситься, чтобы выглядеть молодо

Actress Daria Caruso acted as a model for a photo shoot magazine "Atmosphere". And now we know how to achieve a light and airy makeup. Daria Caruso. Photo: Alexander Klibanov. Helped in this beautiful photography makeup artist Elena Anisimova. She gave additional comments: "at First it may seem that Dasha there is absolutely no makeup -- that's the effect we wanted. The image came out light and airy. Transparent tone with a slight shimmer gives the skin a fresh shade

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For beautiful eyes: choose the skin care around the eyes

За красивые глаза: выбираем уход за кожей вокруг глаз

Means on care of a skin around of eyes can help out even in the most hopeless situations: after a sleepless night in the club or midnight sitting on Skype with a friend from the States. To remove the swelling and bruising, smooth and correct wrinkles - all they can do. If beauty means to add another healthy 8 hours of sleep, for your beautiful eyes you will get only compliments. Choose skin care around the eyes. 1

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