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Ksenia Sobchak likes cheap ink

Ксения Собчак любит дешевую тушь

The socialite and style icon stunned his fans. It turns out that it is not only beauty products of famous brands, but also inexpensive cosmetics. Ksenia Sobchak. Photo: Ksenia Sobchak has repeatedly shared with his podpischikami in Instagram for its beauty finds. Socialite gladly shows the cosmetics, which is, honestly describing the pros and cons of a product

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Saving the skin from the cold

Спасаем кожу лица от холодов

Autumn and winter is a critical time for our shop. The negative external effects make the skin dehydrated, sensitive, it loses its Shine and looks tired. It's time to take immediate action. How to protect the face from cold? Photo: Experts recommend to schedule cosmetic procedures, based on seasonal factors. Summer for many effects there were limitations due to the intense ultraviolet radiation, banned was the most peels, bleaching, many hardware and injection techniques

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The secrets of star makeup: Rosamund pike

Секреты звездного макияжа: Розамунд Пайк

The star of the movie "Disappeared" impresses not only with their talent and beauty, which skillfully emphasized her makeup artist. However, to repeat Mike-AP actress is quite simple. Rosamund Pike. Photo: All Over Press. No one deserved the title "girls November"as the actress Rosamund pike, bright in the picture David Fincher's "the Disappeared"

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Scars, blemishes, scars get rid of house or head to the salon?

Рубцы, пятна, шрамы – избавляться дома или направиться в салон?

Whatever is said, the scars adorn even men, not to talk about the fair sex. But, unfortunately, smooth skin without any flaws have only rare lucky and heroines commercials and posters. Age spots, post-acne, uneven terrain - problems in varying degrees, facing each. WomanHit researched how to get rid of imperfections and advises to attack them on all fronts. How? Tell in detail. Age spots, post-acne, uneven terrain is a problem faced by almost every. Photo:

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Helen Mirren became the face of the brand L'oreal

Хелен Миррен стала лицом марки L‘Oreal

In my 69 years, the actress has maintained excellent appearance and calls ageing incredible "life experience". Helen Mirren became the face of the brand L'oreal. Photo: materials of press-services. Helen Mirren is living proof that age may not be a hindrance beauty. In my 69 years, the actress has become the new face of beauty brand L'oreal

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Game face: the stars in the battle of beauty

Игра лицом: звезды в битве за красоту

Recently Rene Zellweger officiated the ceremony "Women in Hollywood". And most of the guests said that the actress has changed... Rene Zellweger. Photo: All Over Press. From the prying eyes of those present did not hide that eye Rene now opened a little wider than before, the smooth forehead, wrinkles even when you smile barely visible and the face is a little swollen. Plastic surgeons appreciated the new look of a movie star, suggested that she went through several corrective procedures

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How to change the skin: choose the suitable peeling

Как правильно поменять кожу: выбираем подходящий пилинг

The crease between the eyebrows, dark spots or dark circles under the eyes, spoiling the appearance and mood... Even at a young age don't want to be tired face with if crumpled features. The solution? Aesthetic medicine. Choose the suitable facial peeling. Photo: Slushy autumn and snowy winter is traditionally considered to be the most appropriate time for facial peels. This cleansing procedure, which removes the top layer of the epidermis consisting of dead skin cells

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Secrets of the star make-up: Emma stone

Секреты звездного макияжа: Эмма Стоун

The opening of the Venice film festival has already been said, but we do not get tired to admire out on the red carpet red-haired Hollywood beauties Emma stone. Emma Stone. Photo: All Over Press. Place: Italy, VeniceIn focus: a new haircut and returned the red shade of hair.Which not only was miss stone: girl new spider-Man appeared in the secular chronicle dark brown hair, platinum blonde and delicately brown

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Options autumn makeup - for the bravest and most daring!

Варианты осеннего макияжа – для смелых и самых смелых!

This season at the height of fashion Makup on the brink of a foul, so all of us had a moral right to return a bag of bright and saturated colors. This autumn fashionable makeup on the brink of a foul. Photo: materials of press-services. Boldly emphasize the eyes and lips at the same time! The ball is ruled by classic palette and make-up on the verge of falling is a combination of red lips, dark blue and aquamarine shades, porcelain skin tone

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Women's secrets: prepare your skin for winter

Женские секреты: готовим кожу лица к зиме

Preparing for the cold weather, you should start now - and in particular this applies to daily care of the skin. Upcoming frosts, sudden changes in temperature and penetrating wind should not surprise you. In winter, the skin requires special care. Photo: It is generally accepted that summer is the most unfavorable period, when the sun beats down mercilessly and threatens us photoaging, but winter is no less a serious test for the skin

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